tisdag, april 30, 2019

Dagens Örhängen...

Sista dagen i månaden,
så även sista dagen 
jag visar "Dagens Örhängen"...
kommer så klart att visa örhängen
fler gånger här på bloggen...
kanske till och med en liten film...
vem vet..?

Detta paret är helt vanliga örhängen
som jag virat piprensare runt
i 4 olika färger..!


Ha en fin 
Valborg ikväll
och en 
Blessed Beltane
i morgon!


måndag, april 29, 2019

Dagens Örhängen...

Det minsta är från ebay
övriga från Ur & Penn...


söndag, april 28, 2019

Dagens Örhängen...

Till dessa använde jag
turkost + transparenta...


lördag, april 27, 2019

Dagens Örhängen...

Ja...nu skriver jag på Svenska igen...
tror inte att det spelar nån som helst roll
vilket språk jag skriver på,
för jag får nästan aldrig några
kommentarer på mina inlägg ändå..!


Idag har jag bara haft
små örhängen på mig.

Mest tagit det lugnt idag,
kollat på filmen
den var bra även om 
jag helt klart föredrar


fredag, april 26, 2019

An Earring A Day...

These used to be 
fake spirals...
but they broke...
so I am using 
them as "normal" 
earrings now...

The result of my
pacifier earrings...
in Swedish we say

Oh...speaking of 
I might go back
to posting/writing
 in Swedish


torsdag, april 25, 2019

An Earring A Day + Health Update...

Today I have mostly been sleeping/resting
that I watched "Mortal Engines"...
I loved that movie..!

Since Tuesday this week,
I have cut out sugar from 
my diet...and today the
abstinence really hit me...HARD!!!

I have a severe headache,
my eyes hurt, I haven´t had
a good appetite all day,
and I have also felt
nausea and VERY
tired all day long...
hopefully I will 
soon feel better..!

I will stay away
from sugar 100%
for 30 days...


So I did not bother
to put on any fancy
or fun earrings today:

From Crazy Factory...


onsdag, april 24, 2019

An Earring A Day...

Today I will show you
two designs that 
will become earrings:


tisdag, april 23, 2019

An Earring A Day...

Forgot to post these...
I have actually put
these on a pair 
of pink sneakers now..!

Also forgot to post these...

This is what I am wearing today...


lördag, april 20, 2019

An Earring A Day + Witch Pendant...

All earrings are from
Crazy Factory...

The witch pendant
was bought on ebay
some years ago...


fredag, april 19, 2019

An Earring A Day + My "Hair"...

I did wear the same earrings
earlier this month,
but I really wanted to
wear them again today..
they are after all egg-shaped...
and it is after all Easter now..!

So as you can see...
I don´t have much hair,
I will grow out my
but will keep the 
rest very short 

Someone commented
on how young I look,
she thought that I
was only 25!!!

I will actually be
later this year..!


torsdag, april 18, 2019


Sweatshirt med applikation - Vit/Kanin - BARN | H&M SE 1
From the kid´s department...
I just couldn´t resist it...

Generous Fit T-shirt - Ljusblå/Delfin - BARN | H&M SE 1
This is also for kids...
but this has a
generous fit..!

T-shirt med volang - Rosa - BARN | H&M SE 1
Also for kids...

Kort sweatshirt - Svart/LOVE - BARN | H&M SE 1
Yet again...for kids...

Sweatshirt med tryckModell
This one too...

Utställd jacka - Himmelsblå - DAM | H&M SE 1
This one is however
for adults...

Also adult size,
I could never fit
in shorts/trousers/leggings
that are for teenagers...

T-shirt i bomull - Khakigrön/Mönstrad - DAM | H&M SE 5
Getting this in large...

T-shirt i bomull - Ljusbeige/Leopardmönstrad - DAM | H&M SE 5
And this one in XL,
large was out of stock...
but that´s OK..!


An Earring A Day + Chicken Pendant...

Pastel rainbow star...

Chicken eraser pendant...

Have A Happy 



onsdag, april 17, 2019

Thrifted Graffiti Jacket!

Previous owner 
probably bought this jacket
on ebay.

The size is an Asian XL,
and fits me perfectly,
really happy with 
this find!

I paid 60 Swedish crowns
for it, and on ebay it costs
about 150:- and my jacket
is pretty much in 
mint condition..!

Here is a picture
from ebay:

All those yummy colors..!


An Earring A Day...


tisdag, april 16, 2019

An Earring A Day...

These are from H&M...
NOT out in stores now...


Toy Thrifting...

Mostly stuff from
Burger King & McDonald´s:

My Little Pony...
Found 2 of these...
and bought both...

These are SO cute!!!

Powerpuff Girls!!!

Angry Birds...

Don´t know the name
of this one though...



Hefty Smurf...


The Secret Life Of Pets...

A cute tin can...

My Littlest Pet Shop...
must try to get her hair
in order...

And finally a 
vintage bear (?)
made in Japan...
might be from the
60´s perhaps..?


söndag, april 14, 2019

An Earring A Day...

I was going for a
pink "camo-look"...
Please ignore
 my dry skin
and red rashes...


lördag, april 13, 2019