söndag, november 04, 2018

Adlibris Shopping...

TY Rusty, Tvättbjörn, 15 cm
Ty Beanie Boos

TY Slick, Räv, 15 cm

Hängade Skelett 90 cm
90 cm high...

Basic Docka, Turkos klänning, Barbie´
Basic Barbie Doll
with RED hair...
so I had to have

Nyckelring Katt
Key ring
with a black cat...
will use the cat
as a pendant
on a necklace...


Decided to get
3 scented candles
for Yule:

Doftljus Glasburk Christmas mellan

Doftljus Glasburk Christmas mellan

Doftljus Glasburk Christmas mellan


Then I thought that I
should get some new
oracle cards...
so I picked these 2:

Karma Cards

Gypsy Oracle Cards


I have been wanting
a Crystal Ball
for years...
so I found this one,
it is small, 
but I think it will
do the job just fine:

Titania's Crystal Ball


Bordslöpare, Halloween B: 29 cm, L: 3,5 m, 1 rulle, orange
table runner...

Finally I picked
a really BIG item...
a fantastic looking

Owl - Plush, Melissa & Doug

43cm high..!

Owl - Plush, Melissa & Doug

I want my
 future bedroom
to look really
Goth & Witchy...
so this owl will
look perfect there!


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