fredag, augusti 17, 2018

Panduro Shopping!

Panduro is an
Arts & Crafts store...
this is what I
ordered today:

Fabric Tape
from the brand

Paper Tape...

Paper Tape 50 mm stjärnor 5 m
Paper Tape...

Paper Tape 3p måttband 15 mm

Paper tape...

AND several
other paper tapes:

Paper Tape 15 mm romb pastell

Paper Tape 20mm småprickig röd

Paper Tape 15 mm lila prick

Paper Tape 15 mm prickig röd

Paper Tape 15 mm romb turkos

Paper Tape Partytime 3-pack

YES I did went a 
bit tape CRAZY..!

Also got some 
more fabric tape:

Textiltejp 15 romantisk randig

Textiltejp 15 mm hjärtan röd
Textiltejp Spring Lake 4 st

Disney tyg 50x70cm Frost Olof
Olaf fabric!

Disney tyg 50x70cm Frost Elsa
Elsa fabric!

I will make pillows
with these fabrics.


Some more fabric:

Tyg 50x70cm Flowermosaic green

Tyg 50x70 cm Big leaves red

Tilda 50x55 Fireworks Red
Tilda fabric
in 2 colors..!

Tilda 50x55 Fireworks Sage

Tilda 110 Autumn Rose Ginger

Also Tilda fabric...
SO pretty!!!

Then I bought some
funky pendants:

Hänge emalj blixt gul

Hänge emalj stjärna gul

Hänge hund akryl

Hänge räv akryl

Hänge katt akryl

Hänge döskalle akryl

Hänge Peace akryl

Found some
really cheap 
Fidget Spinners:

Fidget Spinner Glow in dark

Glow In The Dark...

Fidget Spinner Metallic

Fidget Spinner Printed design
I really hope that
I will get the pink
one with Unicorns..!

Fidget Stick glitter plastic
Fidget stick


Kudde 40x40 Magic Sequin multi
"Magic Sequins"...


Tilda blyertspennor 4p Spring
Tilda pens...

Notisblock 500 röd 8x8 cm
Note pad...
getting this
for my parents
to keep by
 their phone...

Rhinestones grön 1 ark
Green rhinestone
I use these 
on my face!

Rhinestone Curiosity 4xPastel
More rhinestones...

Rub-Ons Bambi Disney
thought they looked
really cute!

Rub-Ons Musse & Co Disney
Some more Disney

MÃ¥larbok My little Pony
I was really happy
to find a My Little Pony
Coloring book!!!

For my desk:

I love orange!!!

Brevkorg papp A4 orange

Then, I also
found LOADS
of cheap & pretty
furniture paint!!!

Vintage Paint 230ml Ant.Yellow
Getting 3 of this
yellow one!

Furniture Paint 400ml
Ocean Blue...

Furniture Paint 400ml
Antique Green...

Furniture Paint 400ml violet

Furniture Paint 400ml lavender

Furniture Paint 400ml
Rose Pink...

Furniture Paint 400ml coral

Furniture Paint 400ml orange


Window Deco ballongresan
Window Deco...

Stickers jordgubbar 20 st
Strawberry stickers...


Pärlplatta midi alfabet
Peg board (?)
with the alphabet...

Display nallar/såpbubblor
Soap bubble

Some crafts paint:

Hobbylack gloss 45 ml cerise

Hobbylack matt 45 ml rose

Hobbylack matt 45 ml sky blue

Hobbylack matt 45 ml aqua

Hobbylack matt 45 ml limegreen

I am getting 
2 Bubbleez..!

One small:
Bubbleezz small ca 7x23x15 cm
And one BIG:
Bubbleezz big ca 8x28x23 cm

I do not know for sure
which one I will get though...
BUT I actually 
them ALL!!!

Have A 


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