tisdag, juli 10, 2018

Some More Thrift Store Shopping!

Went to another thrift store today,
and was happy to find some 
more cute & fun stuff:

 I got really excited
 when I found
2 TY Monstaz!!!

Perfect condition!

 The pink is called Trixie...
can you tell that the fur
sparkles a bit...very nice!

They are from 2012...

The blue one is
called Jerry...

The sound effect still
works on both of them!

A Brainy Smurf from 
Burger King...
he is missing a red"tablet"
of some sort...

A yellow dolphin
with green, blue & orange flowers...
a Flower Power-Hippie-Dolphin I guess..!


My beautiful cats:
Mio & Jum-Jum 


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