söndag, juli 15, 2018

Coopers Candy Shopping!

I am getting some
stuff from the Swedish shop:


Unicorn bunting...SO cute!

Amerikanskt Godis
A Pocket POP! Tin with
Ariel, Belle & Tinkerbell,
this will be my first thing
from POP! and it was on sale,
actually it was 60% off...
so good deal I think!

Amerikanskt Godis
Ms Pacman Arcade Candy Tin..!

Amerikanskt Godis
A TY Pinkie Pie plush!!!

Amerikanskt Godis
And also Pinkie Pie´s
Buttercream Flavored
Lip Balm!

Amerikanskt Godis
I am getting 2
Hello Kitty 
Chocolate Eggs...

Amerikanskt Godis
Also getting 
Question Mark
Coin Candies!

Amerikanskt Godis
And finally 
Controller Mints...


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