mÄndag, juli 30, 2018

Happy Birthday Kate Bush!!!

60 Years Today!!!


Kate was one of my
very first & biggest idols,
and still is!

Thank you
for all the
magical music
you have made
for the rest of us
to enjoy!


lördag, juli 28, 2018

Blood Moon + Eclipse..!

Not a very good photo...
but at least I tried..!



torsdag, juli 26, 2018

Snow White Doll...

I really would like to collect
some Disney Princess Dolls,
and here is one that I really like:

So pretty..!
Might just buy one...



onsdag, juli 25, 2018

Tokidoki Plushies!!!!!



I bought both
from a Finnish
shop called
Laura´s Little

I have never heard
of that shop before
but they had quite
a lot of Tokidoki-stuff
that I can not find in Sweden,
and I also got free shipping!


Tokidoki Haul!

I got my Tokidoki package
from House of Dreams today:

Nice package with pink
tissue paper and
 a golden heart sticker.




 Cactus Pets!

 SO cute!

 Really cute even though
I really wanted something
more colorful...
such as a green cactus perhaps...
but you never know
 with these blind boxes..!


 My favorite...the more colorful
the better!!!
They do look pretty together I think!


tisdag, juli 24, 2018

Monster High - My Little Sibling

So today I got my package
from Toys"R"Us...
and it was

I was a bit disappointed
with the 3 Shnooks I got,
but other than that I am
pretty happy about all
the rest...BUT I thought
that I was going to get
another MH My Little Sibling,
but I got this one instead...
...but I LOVE her...so it does
not really matter after all...

Her name is 
Ebbie Blue


söndag, juli 22, 2018

Hello Kitty etc.

I found a store on TICTAIL
that had some cute & cheap stuff,
this is what I bought:

2 Hello Kitty plushies,
I am sure of that these
are not from SANRIO,
also they are much smaller
than in these pictures,
they are about 20cm high.

Carousel image 3
Decided to get one blue...
Carousel image 2
...and one pink!

I am also getting
this pencil set
Twin Stars,
I will NOT
open the package!!!
It´s TOO cute for that...

Carousel image 0

And finally 
a green ice-cream pen:

Carousel image 1

The shipping cost was 30:-
And for the items
 I only paid 


lördag, juli 21, 2018


I really LOVE

I decided  to buy some blind boxes,
and I bought one of each of these:

Carousel image 0

Carousel image 0

Carousel image 0

Tokidoki - Cactus Pets

They were all on sale,
and I bought the last one 
of the Cactus version..!

I bought them from
"House of Dreams".

Can´t wait to get these
and open them!!!

Will post pictures 
here on my blog
later on...


fredag, juli 20, 2018


For the first time in my life
I have done some shopping 
at TOYS"R"US: 

Limited Edition
Care Bear!!!

Bildresultat för yoohoo brucee

2 YOOHOO plushies!
Bildresultat för yoohoo brucee

Bildresultat för shnooks toys r us
3 Shnook´s

Relaterad bild

Bildresultat för shnooks toys r us

Bildresultat för toys r us disney klassiker
Bildresultat för toys r us disney klassiker
Bildresultat för toys r us disney klassiker
Dalmatian Puppy

Bildresultat för toys r us smurfan

Bildresultat för toys r us smurfarna
(From The Smurfs)
Bildresultat för toys r us mh little sibling
Monster High
My Little Siblings

Bildresultat för toys r us hello kitty matlåda
Hello Kitty
Lunch Box

Bildresultat för toys r us formad kudde
A Minion Pillow
BOB is my favorite..!

Bildresultat för toys r us  mimmi
2 Minnie Mouse 

Bildresultat för toys r us  mimmi
I used to have
one like this...

Bildresultat för toys r us  zigmazoo
SO cute 💟

Bildresultat för toys r us  zigmazoo

Bildresultat för toys r us  zigmazoo

Bildresultat för toys r us  zigmazoo


The only reason that I
can actually afford all
of this, is simply that
I am getting a rent-free
month in August...
Mum & Dad!!!


mÄndag, juli 16, 2018

Hello Kitty!

On my birthday I got 
50 Swedish Krona 
to spend from & on CDON,
I had to order things for
200:- so I ordered a book
for my parents,
and then I picked 
2 items for myself:

This first item was only

this is out of stock...
so I will not get it...

I also found this one
in Finnish...
and I have a
in Finland that explained
 that the title
in English is
"Keep Busy Today"

BUT it is Hello Kitty
and the price was only