lördag, juni 09, 2018

Toy Shopping!

I have ordered 
some cute stuff
from a Swedish toyshop
called "Stor & Liten"
(="Big & Small")

This is what I picked:

TY Gear shoulder bag:

TY Beanie Boos
also "DOTTY"..!

TY, Beanie Boos - Dotty Leopard 15 cm

TY Beanie Boos

TY, Rosa Pudel Patsy Regular

Barbie, Video Game Hero Doll!!!

Barbie, Video Game Hero Doll - Pink Eyeglasses

Sense, Mexican Skull - Pennfodral
For my pens
with pretty 
Sugar Skulls!

Disney Klassiker, Bambi
Bambi - The book...

Shopkins, Gosedjur Taco Terrie 14 cm
Taco Terrie...
SO cute!

Build A Bear, 19 cm Skin - Katt
Build A Bear...
well cat actually..!

Beauty Horse, Ponny med tillbehör 18 cm - turkos
Beauty Horse...
not real My Little Pony,
but still cute...and cheap!
I am getting the one
on the right!

Minions, Handduk 70x140 cm
Bath towel..!

I also ordered some
gifts for my niece
and nephews,
but I will not 
show them here
for obvious reasons...


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