torsdag, juni 21, 2018

Health Update...

Yesterday I got the results 
from the scan of my jaw,
and there was nothing on the 
images that was not normal...

I actually wish that there where...
cause then I could get some
help and pain relief...

Now I have NO idea
of what I shall do...



Just wanted to mention
two products that I could
seriously not live without:

First is an enzyme product for 
my stomach, it helps me to be able
to digest what I eat much better...
sadly not good enough...
but still better..!

I also need one of these 
pills each day...for the rest
of my life...B12 & Folacin.

Bild på Holistic B-12 sugtablett 100 st

Lets end this post a bit more
fun & cute...I just ordered some
really nice band-aid..!

Bild på Salvequick Hello Kitty 14 st
These are 
for kids...
do I care..?



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