fredag, juni 22, 2018

12 x My Little Pony!!!

My Little Pony Figurer - 12 st

I just ordered 12 small
My Little Pony figures!

I found them on


torsdag, juni 21, 2018

Health Update...

Yesterday I got the results 
from the scan of my jaw,
and there was nothing on the 
images that was not normal...

I actually wish that there where...
cause then I could get some
help and pain relief...

Now I have NO idea
of what I shall do...



Just wanted to mention
two products that I could
seriously not live without:

First is an enzyme product for 
my stomach, it helps me to be able
to digest what I eat much better...
sadly not good enough...
but still better..!

I also need one of these 
pills each day...for the rest
of my life...B12 & Folacin.

Bild på Holistic B-12 sugtablett 100 st

Lets end this post a bit more
fun & cute...I just ordered some
really nice band-aid..!

Bild på Salvequick Hello Kitty 14 st
These are 
for kids...
do I care..?



tisdag, juni 19, 2018

Candy Eggs...

Candy People Egg Surprise Hero Girls
I bought an egg like these above today,
I was hoping that it would contain
a small figurine...but instead I got
a silicone bracelet...but I kind of like
it acually..! It fits me rather well,
for a child it would be too big...

I also got a sticker with
Poison Ivy, and some candy
of course...

Next time I will buy at least
one of these eggs:

Candy People Surprise Pod Dc Comics

I also bought 3  
Barbie eggs today,
but I have not opened
them yet.

Candy People Barbie Chokladägg


söndag, juni 17, 2018

My Little Pony etc.

Just placed a new order
from Stor & Liten
(Swedish toy store)

My Little Pony
Rainbow Dash

TY, My Little Pony Fluttershy 27 cm
My Little Pony

My Little Pony, Blind Bag
My Little Pony
Blind Bag
I am getting 
3 of these...

Video Game Hero
This was 50% off!!!

This Monster High Doll
is called Kala Mer´ri
and she was on sale,
actually I bought the
LAST one!!!
She was 469:-
I will only pay
Just wish that I still
had my Monster High
Skelita Calaveras doll...

Then I picked 
4 small dolls from 
Shopkins-Happy Places:

Happy Places, Shopkins Doll S1 - Rainbow Kate
Rainbow Kate

Happy Places, Shopkins Doll S1 - Spagetti Sue
Spaghetti Sue

Happy Places, Shopkins Doll S1 - Melodine

Happy Places, Shopkins Doll S1 - Sarah Sushi
Sarah Sushi

I was really tempted
to buy these as well...
but I can´t afford them
right now...maybe later:

Enchantimals, Let´s Flamingle Doll
Let´s Flamingle Doll

Bree Bunny

Enchantimals, Karina Koala & Animal Friend
Karina Koala

Some Hatchimals
would also be nice...

Hatchimals, Colleggtibles S2 - 12 pack S2



torsdag, juni 14, 2018


This was on sale for

(Swedish Krona)

I had 50:- as a bonus
from H&M to spend,
so I will only have
to pay as little as

Sounds good to me!!!

So cute..!


I would have liked to
see what she looks like
in profile...but hopefully
she is as cute as I think...


tisdag, juni 12, 2018

Some More PEZ For My Collection...

Today I bought some 
more PEZ:

Wonder Woman

I did not find 
Harley Quinn

Also got the one
 in the middle
from TROLLZ:

Bildresultat för trolls pez

I would REALLY like
some PEZ with 
My Little Pony,
Yo-Kai Watch and


lördag, juni 09, 2018

Toy Shopping!

I have ordered 
some cute stuff
from a Swedish toyshop
called "Stor & Liten"
(="Big & Small")

This is what I picked:

TY Gear shoulder bag:

TY Beanie Boos
also "DOTTY"..!

TY, Beanie Boos - Dotty Leopard 15 cm

TY Beanie Boos

TY, Rosa Pudel Patsy Regular

Barbie, Video Game Hero Doll!!!

Barbie, Video Game Hero Doll - Pink Eyeglasses

Sense, Mexican Skull - Pennfodral
For my pens
with pretty 
Sugar Skulls!

Disney Klassiker, Bambi
Bambi - The book...

Shopkins, Gosedjur Taco Terrie 14 cm
Taco Terrie...
SO cute!

Build A Bear, 19 cm Skin - Katt
Build A Bear...
well cat actually..!

Beauty Horse, Ponny med tillbehör 18 cm - turkos
Beauty Horse...
not real My Little Pony,
but still cute...and cheap!
I am getting the one
on the right!

Minions, Handduk 70x140 cm
Bath towel..!

I also ordered some
gifts for my niece
and nephews,
but I will not 
show them here
for obvious reasons...


fredag, juni 08, 2018

TY Wishlist...

OMG how cute is she.?!

This is Dotty...
and I really 
want one...
Lets hope that I
will be able to find her...


IKEA Shopping List!

OK...since most of my readers are from the US...
I will write in english instead of swedish..!

On the day after my birthday,
I will be going to IKEA!!!

And this is on my 
shopping list:

SOMMAR 2018 Doftljus i metallburk IKEA En krämig och mjuk doft av saftig passionsfrukt.
Scented candle:
Passion fruit,
and I also love the
jar in itself..!

SOMMAR 2018 Doftljus i metallburk IKEA En söt doft av drakfrukt med inslag av melon och gröna rosenblad.
And this is 
Dragon Fruit
with a hint of 
melon & green 
rose leafs...

FRISKHET Doftbehållare IKEA Ger en uppfriskande doft av gräs, vanilj och sandelträ, exempelvis i vardagsrum eller garderober.
This has some sort
of scented holder
that smells of
grass, vanilla
and sandalwood.

I will put this on a shelf
in the same room that
my cats have their toilets...

STOMMA Väggklocka IKEA Inga störande tickande ljud, eftersom klockan har ett tyst kvartsurverk.
This is just a simple wall clock,
but it is very cheap and is supposed
to be very silent, so I think I will
actually buy it...might do some
diy with it though...

SOMMAR 2018 Dörrmatta IKEA Förnya din entré med en matta för att matcha den aktuella årstiden.
This is a door mat
and I is not at all colorful,
but I kind of like it!
It is made of PET bottles..!

Plastic bowls from 
the kids department...
strong & happy colors!

KALAS Bestick 18 delar IKEA
Cutlery in the same colors...

And also some mugs!

I already have the 
matching plates:


DUKTIG Glas IKEA Uppmuntrar till rollek som utvecklar barns sociala färdigheter genom att de härmar vuxna och fantiserar ihop egna roller.
These are meant as toys,
but I really like them!

SANDIG Sandform, havsdjur IKEA Med SANDIG kan ditt barn ha roligt och använda sin fantasi för att bygga och skulptera med sand.
Toys for the beach...
but I am thinking about
having them on display
on a wall perhaps..?

MAMMUT Barnstol IKEA Perfekt för små barn att sitta vid för att leka, rita, pyssla eller duka upp en mysig picknick i trädgården.
Kids chair...
but OMG how much
I love this..!

Also this one:

MAMMUT Barnpall IKEA Perfekt för små barn att sitta vid för att leka, rita, pyssla eller duka upp en mysig picknick i trädgården.
I had this one in pink before,
but in yellow it´s even better!!!

LJUSA LED ficklampa, handdriven IKEA
Flashlight with "hand power"
no batteries needed...

I want a new lamp on my wall
next to my bed, and there are
2 that I really like on IKEA, 
first one is a pretty pink flower:

SMILA BLOMMA Vägglampa IKEA Ger ett mjukt stämningsljus.

DRÖMMINGE Vägglampa IKEA Ger ett mjukt stämningsljus.
And then they have one with
a balloon, this you can also
find in other colors:
blue & red...but I think
I like the flower design more...

GLIS Låda med lock IKEA Ett perfekt ställe för pennor, kritor och småsaker. Kan staplas för att spara plats då den inte används.
Plastic containers...

LEKA Mobil IKEA Figurer och mönster är riktnade nedåt för att möta barnets uppåtvända blick. Rörelse och starka kontraster stimulerar babyns syn.
I kind of like the idea
to hanging this over my bed...

MULA Byggbägare IKEA Stapla, sortera, bygga – och riva! När ditt barn får utforska och upptäcka saker på egen hand lär det sig mycket nytt.
This is like a baby toy...
but it kind of looks like
a funky home decor piece as well!

Also need one of these
to make ice cubes...