tisdag, februari 28, 2017


I am getting some books
from Adlibris:

De dödas dag - du bestämmer färgerna : 30 originalillustrationer att färglägga, rama in och hänga upp
Books with
Coloring Pages...
Buddha : 100 motiv - varva ner, måla och njut

Upptäck & rita mönster
Learn how to
make patterns...

Lego for adults...👍




lördag, februari 25, 2017

Frida Kahlo

Since I was about 15 years old,
Frida Kahlo has been a big part
of my life, and a huge inspiration!

I have some home decor that is
related to her, I promise to 
show more of my home later...


I have just bought some
more stuff:

Necklace with
Frida as
Virgin Mary.
To me, Virgin Mary
is a goddess, 
and I kind of feel the same
way about Frida 💖


I am also getting
this pillow case:



Also bought this DVD,
I have seen it before...
but that seems like ages ago.

Salma Hayek
as Frida!!!


söndag, februari 19, 2017


I have started to subscribe
on something called

I have not yet got 
my first box...
but soon in the
beginning of March
I will...I am VERY
excited about it!!!

I used to subscribe 
for Glossy Box,
and got a box
with makeup
and products for
skin & hair etc.
But I was never really
happy about what
the boxes contained...
so I thought that it
would be way better
with a candy & snack-box..!

I will write more about 
this after I have got
my very first box 🙌

It is a Swedish company,
but if you live in 
one of the following
countries, you can
also be a member:




lördag, februari 18, 2017

Health...and some candy!

Today me & my mom
ordered some stuff
from the Swedish
webstore Apotea.

They are like an 
online drugstore,
but they sell
loads of candy
as well...healthier
candy I might add..!

This is what I am getting:

This is like an inhaler
for the NOSE,
I use it several times
a day, I feel like
 I could not live
without it..!

A Cervical Collar...
did I get that correct..?

Well, my neck is in a terrible state...
and I feel like it really needs
some support!

I think that my TMJ-symptoms
might be caused by my neck problems.

I have started to take magnesium pills
again, and that has actually helped 
a lot...thank Goddess...

I am also getting 2 soaps
I love that brand!
 It is Danish.

Some candy from Nutri-Nick,
this is a Swedish brand 💗

Candy from 
A German brand.

Some more candy,
these are from BEAR.
 And they
are based in London.

And finally
some Pasta 
(gluten free)
from Italy.

Have a lovely