lördag, juli 29, 2017


I have decided to go back
to a more Goth kind
of style again...
so much less colorful...

I love having lots
of color in my home
but not so much
on my clothes..!

However, I do like
some color on earrings,
shoelaces etc.

I am getting
this tank top
in both
white & black...
simply cause
I really love
the print!

Short X-ray socks...

getting it
in both
silver & black...

Ribcage necklace...


black, grey & white,
I will still have some
items to wear that
are army green,
and I also love
camouflage prints!

This is a simple
cap that I bought


Other than
these styles
and colors,
I will also wear
hot pink, red,
and perhaps
dark purple.


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