fredag, juni 30, 2017

A Gift From Me...To Me...

I just bought this
VW Bus on

It really appeals
to my Hippie soul...


lördag, juni 24, 2017

Latest ebay finds...

Glow In The Dark Stars
for the ceiling in my 
new room...

American Horror Story



fredag, juni 23, 2017

Today is the Midsummer's Eve in Sweden,
 and this day is much more
 important than the National Day..!

 However, I prefer to celebrate
 Litha / Summer Solstice...

I was actually invited to some friends today, 
but my health is so bad right now...
 so I chose to stay home with my cat instead... 
but he is very good company...

 I have eaten a very nice meal, 
so I have nothing to complain about, 
and the neighbors are not at home, 
so it's calm, quiet & harmonious for once!


Here is a Swedish song for you:

Love & Light


onsdag, juni 21, 2017

Clonette Dolls...

Docka Clonette

Yesterday I ordered
3 Clonette Dolls
from the Swedish shop
Miss Juniversum.

I am getting one in blue,
one in green and 
one in yellow.

They did not have the
other colors,
and now they only
have blue ones left...

I would have loved
to get one in pink
and one in red too...

But still...
I am happy to
get any at all!!!


söndag, juni 18, 2017

Unicorn Pillow Cases...

I love Unicorns
so yesterday
I bought these
2 pillow cases
on ebay:

SO cute...

And this one is
rather funny
I think..!


fredag, juni 16, 2017

Latest ebay shopping!

A pink
alarm clock...

I am getting
sets with
heart earrings,
gold, silver
rose gold.

Big Bang Theory
figure set...

Star Trek


CDON Shopping!

I am getting
loads of
SciFi boxes:

Star Trek / Enterprise / Complete collection
I am also getting
this book about
kid´s rooms...
I think that I might
find some nice
inspiration in it
even if I am an


Panduro Shopping!

I ordered a bunch of stuff
from Panduro today:

Dekor/decoupageark Favourites
Decorative paper...

PappersklÀmma rosa 9 st
Pink paper clips...

Kliche trasdocka/blomma 9.5 cm

PĂ€rlmix fac. droppar gul/rosa
Plastic prisms...

PÀrlmix fac. droppar blÄ/grön

Paper Tape 3p mÄttband 15 mm
Paper tape...

Mini Gnomes 3 st

Lacklim medium 500 ml
For making 

FĂ„gelbur 31 cm vitpatinerad

Schablon dödskallar
Skull stencils...

Filtad fÄgel syntetull cerise
Felted birds...
I am getting
TEN of these...
will hang them
in my Yule tree..!

Wall Deco allmogeblommor 2 st
Wall deco stickers...
Wall Deco 1 ark Kurbits

Wall Deco asiatiska barn

Wall Deco Maskerad 6st

Sticky Notes figurer dockor

Kalekdekor 3D glada ankor
Tile stickers
for my shower...

Pappersdekor sol 2 st grön
Paper decor...

Lanterna av papper turkos 3 st
Paper lantern...

Krans metall Ø30 öppningsbar
Metal wreath
that can be

Pappersblommor 6 st Orange
Paper flowers...

Dekorpapper 6-p Kurbits 30 cm

Paper Tape 15 mm prickig röd
Paper tape...

Paper Tape 15 mm flugsvamp

Notebook 2p Sum.Flowers Green
Note books...

Notebook 2p Sum.Flowers Turqu.

Notisblock 500 röd 8x8 cm

SjÀlvh.textilark A3 A&C Garden

SjÀlvh.textilark A3 A&C Garden
Adhesive fabric...

PĂ€rlor katt, fisk, blomma

Ansiktsmask tomte papp
Paper mask
for Yule...

PÀrlor lila/röd/turkos 180 st

Materialsats KurbitsÀgg
Easter eggs...

Tilda textilark Spring Diaries
More adhesive
Tilda textilark Cabbage Rose

HÀnge docka röd/rosa/silv 50mm
Cute pendants...
HĂ€nge docka lila/svart 50 mm

FĂ„gel (svala) MDF 3-pack
MDF birds...

Tilda 50x55 Garden Flo.O.Green
Floral fabric...

Ord Create av mdf L.40 cm
Wooden decor...

Ord Happy av mdf L.38 cm