lördag, april 29, 2017


Made a moodboard 
on Polyvore for
my new room:

Moodboard by paganrose on Polyvore featuring interior, interiors, interior design, home, home decor and interior decorating:
At first I thought that I should 
paint all of the walls white...
but now I am thinking 
that at least one wall
should get another
a plum purple...

I already have the desk
and the Laksmhi statue.
and I have bought the 
ottoman cover from India
and the Chakra tapestry.

I am going to buy a 
Toran valance from India,
and when I come to IKEA,
I will buy the yellow desk lamp,
3 yellow shelves and the
orange fake plant,
and perhaps also
the tin jars...
and the solar cell lamp...
not sure if it will work 
indoors but I really
like the print & color on it..!


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