söndag, april 30, 2017

Ebay shopping from India!

A beautiful green

Just look at the details..!

I think it will look
lovely together with
my pink ottoman cover:


This is the wall color
I am going for:


lördag, april 29, 2017


Made a moodboard 
on Polyvore for
my new room:

Moodboard by paganrose on Polyvore featuring interior, interiors, interior design, home, home decor and interior decorating:
At first I thought that I should 
paint all of the walls white...
but now I am thinking 
that at least one wall
should get another
a plum purple...

I already have the desk
and the Laksmhi statue.
and I have bought the 
ottoman cover from India
and the Chakra tapestry.

I am going to buy a 
Toran valance from India,
and when I come to IKEA,
I will buy the yellow desk lamp,
3 yellow shelves and the
orange fake plant,
and perhaps also
the tin jars...
and the solar cell lamp...
not sure if it will work 
indoors but I really
like the print & color on it..!


torsdag, april 27, 2017

Window Stickers...

I will have a
large window
in my new room...
so I thought that I
should get some nice
window stickers on ebay...


Not so easy to choose...


fredag, april 21, 2017

Chakra Wall Hanging...

I bought this today on ebay,
I will hang it on one of
the walls in my new room!

It really looks
beautiful to me 😍


onsdag, april 19, 2017

Future Project!

My dad offered me a while ago 
to insulate my conservatory / cat yard,
so that it would become a part of the cottage.

 Then I said no, because I want my cat to
 be able to go out 24 hours a day and get some fresh air.
 And I do not want to have the litter boxes indoors...

But then I thought about it some more...
and now the project will be done 
and I will get some more square meters
 to decorate, I am VERY excited! 
My cat will have a new little cat yard,
 so he will surely be happy too.

I made 2 collages 
on Polyvore,
and this is how 
I would like to
decorate the new
part of my cottage:

For The Extension #1 by paganrose on Polyvore featuring interior, interiors, interior design, home, home decor, interior decorating, Inspire Q, HAY, Blissliving Home and KaBloom:

Not exactly the same
like this of course...
but I do have the same
desk from JYSK,
and I also have a
but mine is MUCH
more colorful..!

For The Extension #2 by paganrose on Polyvore featuring interior, interiors, interior design, home, home decor, interior decorating, Surya, Natural Life, Dot & Bo and Bungalow 5:
I will have to try to find 
a comfy armchair...
I want a place where
I can sit and relax,
perhaps read a book
or a magazine,
and have a
nice cup of tea!


In the middle part 
of the new area,
there will be a small
lock (is that really
the correct word..?)
so that I do not
happen to let
my cat out
through the 
front door...
cause that would
simply be



måndag, april 17, 2017

Ebay finds from India...

2 more pairs
of wooden


söndag, april 16, 2017

Latest ebay finds...

Pastel earrings
5 pairs...

Colorful earrings
5 pairs...
I collect
PEZ figures...
and I have
decided to
start a LEGO
collection as well!

Starting with these:


The Joker...

Harley Quinn...

Han Solo...

Princess Leia...


5pcs of fake
leather necklaces
in pink...

Ankh cross
Chakra stones...



lördag, april 15, 2017

Wood & Resin...

I found some
really cheap
wooden fake
plugs on

Wooden fake plugs
with lion heads...

And a pair
with the
Tree Of Life...

I have other wooden
earrings, but not as plugs.


Also got a pair
of orange resin
earrings from


torsdag, april 13, 2017

6 pairs of spikes...

I only had to
pay for 3 pairs..!



onsdag, april 12, 2017

More stuff from Crazy Factory!

I had several 
Crazy Cash Points...
so I made a new
order from 
Crazy Factory:

This septum hanger
costs more than
I usually feel
like I want to pay...
but I could not
resist it..!

A pagan pendant...
I really like it!

A pretty hair slide
for when my hair
is a bit longer...

A toe ring
with dragons...
I use toe rings
on my little finger...
works perfect!

Red & Black

Orange & Purple

Purple & Green

Red & White

Fake expander...
lovely leopard print!

Another toe ring...

Earrings with

Cherry earrings...

Septum hanger...

Golden septum hanger 
with a cute flower...

With a butterfly...

Rose gold
with flower...

Gold & Black...

Golden heart...

Rose gold 
with a tiny

Gold with
a pretty star...

Rose gold 
with a flower...

ear cuff
with a cute

ear shield
with a rose...

This is a Helix piercing.
But I will use it as a
regular earring...

Black Helix

ear cuff
skull & bones...

Golden septum
with flower...

Yet another
toe ring...
this time
in blue...

Red toe ring...

And finally
one more 
toe ring 
in blue...
I already have
this one with
black stars...