onsdag, september 28, 2016

Blue Coat...

Just bought this
blue coat
on ebay...
it was
VERY cheap...
so I really
wonder what it
will look like..!



lördag, september 24, 2016


What I bought lately:

I am loving this necklace!

Beads that I will use
to decorate my dreads!

Ear cuffs, getting
one of each.

A set with one necklace,
one bracelet,
and one finger ring.

In the 90s I had a necklace
just like this one..!

Transparent rubber bands
for my dreads.


tisdag, september 20, 2016

Pituitary Gland...

Yesterday I went to see my doctor.
I got the results of the blood samples,
and they were not completely normal...
there is something wrong with my
Pituitary Gland and also my
Thyroid Gland.

We will take
 some new tests in
3 weeks time.

I am of course a bit worried
 about the whole thing,
but I will try to stay positive.

By Patrick J. Lynch, medical illustrator .

fredag, september 16, 2016

Havana Mambo Twist Braids!

Just HAD to buy
#T1B Purple
#P1B Purple

Each pack contains
12 braids
and I hope that it
will be enough
for a small
dread fall.
I will attatch them
to a headband.



onsdag, september 14, 2016

Latest ebay find!

I am really trying 
to buy so much stuff...
but I really liked
these earrings,
and they didn´t cost much...



I know that I have
 not been very active
with new blog posts...
but I am really sick at the moment...
going to see my doctor on monday,
and I have had some
blood samples taken this week.