lördag, maj 21, 2016

Spike Headbands...

My hair is now long enough
to wear headbands!!!

So I bought these 2 on ebay:





söndag, maj 15, 2016


I bought this on 
ebay last night...
it´s a Star Trek necklace,
and I LOVE it!!!

I find the design SO clever too...
why..? Well it reminds me of the
Christian fish symbol...not a symbol
I would ever wear...but THIS...
yes please!!!

So for a Pagan Trekkie this is perfect:

I also bought
 this set of
spike earrings:


I just wanted to end this post with
saying congrats to Ukraine,
who won the Eurovison Song Contest.

It was not my favorite song though...
but I am still happy for them!

Do you remember
 when they won in 2004?
I loved that song so much!!!
I actually bought 
Ruslana´s CD..!

Here it is,
 Ruslana with
Wild Dances:

lördag, maj 14, 2016

Movies, music + a T-shirt...

Getting some more stuff
from CDON.com

The Very Best Of
Fleetwood Mac!

Best of Nirvana!

A set with 5 (FIVE)
Echo & The Bunnymen CD´s..!

Getting this book...
but in german...
but it only cost 29:-
swedish crowns,
and it looks beautiful!

Second season of
Penny Dreadful!

The Swedish movie
An otherworldly evil is slipping
 into a small town in Sweden.
 Six unrelated girls have been
 chosen to fight this evil.
 Together they must overcome
 their differences in order to 
save themselves and the world.

And 6 seasons
of Sabrina
The Teenage Witch!!!

Oh My Goddess 
how I loved 
this program when it 
was on TV...hopefully
I will still love it today..!

And finally
 I am getting 
this T-shirt:


Stevie Nicks + some more dolls...

Just bought this CD from the UK on ebay:

I really love 
Stevie Nicks
The White Witch


I also bought 3
 more Hmong Dolls
from Thailand:

Totally adore these dolls!


Tonight is the 
Eurovision Song Contest Finals,
and I am hoping that Croatia wins!

Have a lovely weekend!


torsdag, maj 05, 2016

Septum Hangers x 6..!

...but I only had to
pay for 4 of them!!!

: )

An ebay seller offered a really
good deal that I could not refuse...
these are the septum hangers 
I am getting:





By the way...
I will change the name on my blog
from Jema Rose to:

JeMa von Rosendorn
( JeMa of Rosethorn)
it sounds a bit more
I think...

; )


tisdag, maj 03, 2016

"Hippie Round Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging Indian Beach Throw Towel Yoga Mat"...

I bought this on ebay today.
I paid about 60 swedish crowns 
for it, a very good price I think..!
It´s from India.

I will hang it over the back of my sofa.

LOVE the colors!!!


måndag, maj 02, 2016

My Familiar...

...turns 14 today!!!

Happy Birthday
my sweet Miró
and brighest blessings
to you, always!

I love you 
SO much...

Cats makes the
best friends ever!

When they where 3...
Mozart, Morgan


söndag, maj 01, 2016

Handmade Indian Toran!!!

Look at this 
beauty I just 
bought on ebay!!!

It is a Toran...
and I am totally
in love with it!

I will hang it over a shelf,
and the shelf is over my TV...
so I might just look more
at this than the TV...



I hope that you all 
are having a lovely
Mayday, Beltane
Labour Day!!!