fredag, februari 26, 2016

Made by JeMa...

Lately I have been rather creative,
and these are some examples
of what I have been up to:

On the 2 top images is a 
bedside table that I bought
at a Second Hand shop
for only 25 swedish crowns.

It was dark brown,
rather shabby,
but I did like 
the shape of it,
and saw the 

Below on the left is
a table made by 
2 LACK-tables
from IKEA.

My dad helped me
to put it all together.
We also put some 
wheels under it.

Then I used a
duct tape with
a Zebra pattern
to cover the lower
part of it.

My cat has his 
food bowl on 
a tray there now,
and he really 
likes it!

And on the last image
is a piece of furniture 
that I made when I 
was about 11 or 12
i think...but now I
have given it a new
life with a lick of 
pastel paint.


New Glasses!

I need to get a new pair of glasses,
I am actually thinking about
getting TWO pairs..!

I think I want one pair in black
one pair in color & perhaps
with some kind of pattern.

What do think about these
from Specsavers?

Specsavers glasögonbåge – GLYNS
Specsavers glasögonbåge – GLYNS
Specsavers glasögonbåge – SLOE


Specsavers glasögonbåge – CLOVE

Specsavers glasögonbåge – SORREL

Specsavers glasögonbåge – ANISEED

Specsavers glasögonbåge – CRAWFORD

Specsavers glasögonbåge – MIDLER

Specsavers glasögonbåge – CHARLOTTE

Specsavers glasögonbåge – PIPA


Specsavers glasögonbåge – ALISA

Specsavers glasögonbåge – DANUTA

Specsavers glasögonbåge – MARGERY

Specsavers glasögonbåge – UNISEX 322
"Unisex 322"


Have a lovely weekend!



lördag, februari 20, 2016

Crazy Factory Shopping!

I just bought 
some stuff from

Actually bought some 
fake tattoo´s...
this might surprise you,
but I have found 
that these works very
well on my head
when it is shaved,
and it is now
cause I have
a Mohawk..!

Me with the shortest Mohawk ever...
but it will grow pretty fast I hope...

I will NEVER
tattoo my head 
for real...
so these are
a very good 

Getting TEN of these roses..!
I really liked this design.

I think these might look nice
behind a ear or perhaps
in my face like a Bindi...

I am also getting some 
"fake expanders",
they where all on sale:

Then I found
 this pendant
with the symbols for 
male & female
are combined...

I have been looking
for a pendant with
only the female/venus
symbol, but I really
like this one too...

And finally a
toe ring..!

But I will use it as
a finger ring though.

I love the fact that
it has a pentacle
symbol on it!

torsdag, februari 18, 2016


I ordered some 
movies tonight,
some has not yet been
released yet.

Really looking 
forward watching them!