lördag, oktober 01, 2016

Ginza Shopping!

I had thought to be more
economical...but that didn´t 
last very long...I will make
a new attempt after 
Christmas/Yule I guess...

I am getting this 
from the Swedish 
web shop

American Horror Story / Säsong 5

Palmer's pick-up

En man som heter Ove
I am getting this for 
my dad for his birthday.

1:a kapitlet 2005
Had no idea
 that there was 
a Swedish group that
are similar to
Master of Chants..!
So I had to get it!


Gyllene druvor från Montelena

Mrs Henderson presenterar

Prospero's books

Dog house


Plasma Art / Fireplaces

Heroes & demons
so I have a thing for
Tom Hardy...

Jack Brown genius

Beautiful creatures

Beyond Bollywood (Digi)
Some music...
1000 forms of fear 2014

Justin och de tappra riddarna

Arkiv X - I want to believe + Stargate Continuum

Monty Python / Meningen med livet
I have other Monty Python movies...
but not these for some strange reason...
Monty Python / Life of Brian

Jorden runt på 80 dagar

Alice i Spegellandet

The Huntsman - Winter's war

Ensam hemma 1-4
I love watching 
Christmas/Yule movies!

Star Wars - Keps svart
This Star Wars cap
was on sale..!


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