fredag, juni 17, 2016

Life update...and ebay..!

So, I have, as you may have noticed, 
not been writing on the blog for a while...
 I've been pretty sick...unfortunately, and I still am. 
I went to see a woman performing treatments 
in the form of QI therapy, I was there two times,
 but it did not help at all!
 And also it was very expensive... 
I can not be bothered to write more about it,
 I will just try to put the whole thing
 behind me and hopefully forget it all..!

I just HATE charlatans!!!


Now to something much more fun...
SHOPPING...what else..?
This solar panel
Maneki Neko
Lucky Cat
is for my niece.

And this one is for me:

I am also getting 
100 colorful bells,
to put in my latest

Rather bonkers...
don´t you think..?


Have a lovely 

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