söndag, juni 26, 2016

Kitsch shopping!

A Swedish shop
called Kitsch,
has loads of
awesome stuff!

Today I finally
ordered something
that I have been
wanting for ages!!!

A beautiful
Lakshmi statue.
She can be used
as a fountain as
well, but I will
not do that.
Fontän/Staty, Goddess Lakshmi - Kitsch:
SO pretty...

Cigarrlåda, Extra Special - Kitsch:
A lovely box!

Kort, Guadalupe en Rosas - Kitsch:
A Guadalupe card.

Skosnöre, Stjärna:

Hinduiska Statyer, Set Om 6 - Kitsch:
Small Hindu
SO cute!

Nyckelring, Buddha Rosa:
2 Buddha
Nyckelring, Buddha Grön:

These are my
Birthday gifts
to ME
from ME..!



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