söndag, maj 15, 2016


I bought this on 
ebay last night...
it´s a Star Trek necklace,
and I LOVE it!!!

I find the design SO clever too...
why..? Well it reminds me of the
Christian fish symbol...not a symbol
I would ever wear...but THIS...
yes please!!!

So for a Pagan Trekkie this is perfect:

I also bought
 this set of
spike earrings:


I just wanted to end this post with
saying congrats to Ukraine,
who won the Eurovison Song Contest.

It was not my favorite song though...
but I am still happy for them!

Do you remember
 when they won in 2004?
I loved that song so much!!!
I actually bought 
Ruslana´s CD..!

Here it is,
 Ruslana with
Wild Dances:

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