lördag, maj 14, 2016

Movies, music + a T-shirt...

Getting some more stuff
from CDON.com

The Very Best Of
Fleetwood Mac!

Best of Nirvana!

A set with 5 (FIVE)
Echo & The Bunnymen CD´s..!

Getting this book...
but in german...
but it only cost 29:-
swedish crowns,
and it looks beautiful!

Second season of
Penny Dreadful!

The Swedish movie
An otherworldly evil is slipping
 into a small town in Sweden.
 Six unrelated girls have been
 chosen to fight this evil.
 Together they must overcome
 their differences in order to 
save themselves and the world.

And 6 seasons
of Sabrina
The Teenage Witch!!!

Oh My Goddess 
how I loved 
this program when it 
was on TV...hopefully
I will still love it today..!

And finally
 I am getting 
this T-shirt:


2 kommentarer:

  1. Jag läste Cirkeln för något år sedan men har fortfarande inte sett filmen - var den bra?
    Vi följer också Penny Dreadful :)

    1. Har inte hunnit se den än, håller på & ser om de 5 första säsongerna av Game of Thrones (är inne på den 5:e nu).