fredag, februari 26, 2016

Made by JeMa...

Lately I have been rather creative,
and these are some examples
of what I have been up to:

On the 2 top images is a 
bedside table that I bought
at a Second Hand shop
for only 25 swedish crowns.

It was dark brown,
rather shabby,
but I did like 
the shape of it,
and saw the 

Below on the left is
a table made by 
2 LACK-tables
from IKEA.

My dad helped me
to put it all together.
We also put some 
wheels under it.

Then I used a
duct tape with
a Zebra pattern
to cover the lower
part of it.

My cat has his 
food bowl on 
a tray there now,
and he really 
likes it!

And on the last image
is a piece of furniture 
that I made when I 
was about 11 or 12
i think...but now I
have given it a new
life with a lick of 
pastel paint.


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