söndag, januari 31, 2016


I just ordered 
some stuff from
a web shop called 
they had 50% off
on the sale...
so VERY low prices..!

Ellos Kids Sweatshirt med olika tryck
Sweatshirt from the kids department,
Ellos Collection Sweatshirt med dekorativ ficka
Another sweatshirt,
I love animal prints!

Ellos Collection Sweatshirt med tryck
Yet another sweatshirt...
Ellos Kids Sweatshirt
And one more...
this one was also
from the kids department.
Ellos Collection Mjuk bh i spets
Getting 2 bras like this one.
Ellos Collection Maxitrosa 3-pack
Some panties...
I prefer this model...
some call them
Granny Panties...
I call them comfy..!
Ellos Collection Maxitrosa 3-pack
Ellos Collection Byxa med supersmal passform
A pair of golden pants...
I love GOLD!!!
Ellos Collection Treggings Gunnel
Another pair of cool pants.
Ellos Kids Kjol i trikå
5 short skirts from the
kids department,
perfect to wear over
Ellos Kids Kjol i trikå
Ellos Kids Kjol
Ellos Kids Kort kjol
Animal prints again...
be still my heart..!
Ellos Kids Kort kjol
Ellos Home Kuddfodral Willie 50x50 cm
Finally I am getting 
2 cushion covers 
with a golden star,
and 1 cover with
a zebra!
Ellos Home Kuddfodral Zebra

Tomorrow I am going 
to see my doctor,
I will be getting an allergy test,
cause I am having some 
horrible allergy symptoms...
hopefully he can help me..!


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