torsdag, december 31, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

Lets hope that 
will be a 
wonderful year
filled with



onsdag, december 30, 2015

Makeup Book...

I am getting this book!
Hopefully it will be
very easy to understand,
and with 
good instructions...



måndag, december 28, 2015


I am getting more stuff from

Most things are on sale:


Gold paint

Gold earring hooks

Paper tape

Adhesive golden "wall art"

Paper boxes


And so to all the cute
TILDA stuff!!!

I have NO idea 
what I will do
with all the fabric...
and I already have some
since before...I just can´t resist
buying them!

Stickers for Easter/Ostara

Paper flags,
I have a pack
of these already...
love them!

Cute clothespins

Paper tags with teacups!

Fabric tape

Fabric tape

Paper pad

And more paper pads!


Today I have removed 
of my Yule decorations 
from my home...
I know that it is a bit early...
but I did started decorating
very early on the other hand..!


lördag, december 26, 2015

Makeup Table/Vanity!

I decided to buy a desk from 
a shop called JYSK today.
I will use it as a 
makeup table/vanity.

It was 1099:- swedish crowns
but was now on sale for 800:-
but I actually only paid 700:-
cause I had a voucher..!

I spent a LONG time today
putting the whole thing together...
I have a big blister in my right hand..!

I have not brought it in to my home yet,
it stands in my parents dining room 
at the moment...but my dad will help
me with the "moving" part tomorrow.

The desk looks like this:

Might not look very exciting...
but I totally love it!

I bought it mainly 
because it has drawers!

I will try to find a nice
 padded stool for it,
one that I can change 
the fabric on myself.



onsdag, december 23, 2015


I have always been very interested in makeup,
even though I don´t think that I master it very well...

Today I decided to start 
subscribing on something called

Each month I will get a box with
5 beauty products in "travel size",
or even in original sizes too,
for 139:- swedish crowns.

I will hopefully
 get my first box
next week...
I am very excited!

GLOSSYBOX Oktober 2015


My latest ebay finds:

5 pair of purple transparent spiral earrings.

I am also 
getting them in 
pink & green!

One more nose ring
(septum hanger)
A cat ring:
A pair of hoop earrings:



tisdag, december 22, 2015

Blessed Yule & Winter Solstice!

me & my parents
 celebrated Yule.
My parents are not pagans,
but are perfectly 
happy about joining
me in my celebrations,
and that makes
 me really happy!

I made us dinner,
I made Paella and we drank some wine.
After that we exchanged a few gifts.

Do you celebrate Yule?

In Sweden we celebrate
 Jul on the 24:th of December.

In Sweden there is no name 
for the Christian holiday
Christmas...I guess that the
Pagan roots goes very deep here...

Blessed Be


lördag, december 19, 2015


Some more jewelry that I have  bought on ebay:

Cute necklace with shoe, heart and bowknot.
I really love gold, pink & rhinestones together!

with star & moon.

Necklace with wing & heart.

Gold & leopard earrings!

Gold earrings with
pink rhinestones!


fredag, december 18, 2015


I need a new rug to place 
under my coffee table.
I really like the look of these two,
but I really wish that they where thicker...
they feel very thin I think.

On the other hand...
I don´t find it very likely
that I will find another rug
that I like as much as these..!

Barnmatta Kim 133x185 cm Rosa Polyamid - Rumsmattor - Rusta:

Pink or Blue...
that is the question...
Barnmatta Kim 133x185 cm Blå Polyamid - Rumsmattor - Rusta:

Have a lovely weekend!


torsdag, december 17, 2015

Jewelry Tree...

As I have mentioned,
  my dad is going to make me 
a vanity/makeup table.

We will start the project
after New Year,
cause I really don´t 
want to have a mess
in my home,
now when I have 
decorated it for Yule...

I have bought 2 Jewelry Trees
on ebay for hardly any money at all..!

I will have a color scheme 
that includes white,
pink & gold,
I think it will look
pretty and also
a bit glamorous...


I have a special 
"vanity album"
on Pinterest,
you can find it



Yesterday I won two 
auctions on ebay,
they where both
for pretty circlets:


I have no idea how these will look
on me with my buzzed head though...
BUT they can also be used as that will be OK..!



onsdag, december 16, 2015


I decided to get some more movies,
and these are the ones I ordered:

En julsaga
Patrick Stewart from 
Star Trek
The Next Generation

Oblivion (2013)

Grand Budapest Hotel

Jupiter Ascending
People don´t seem to like this movie...
but still, I really want to see it..!


Ex Machina
With Alicia Vikander
from Sweden!

Jack Frost

Ett päron till farsa firar jul


Ensam Hemma - Samlingsbox (4-disc)
Box with all of the
Home Alone-movies!