söndag, november 29, 2015

Yule dress...

I decided to buy a fun Yule dress on ebay:

I just hope that
 I will get it
BEFORE yule...



My Home...

...I have made 
some changes 
in my cottage,
and moved some of
the furniture,
and also decorated
some more for Yule:


fredag, november 27, 2015

Crazy Factory...I won a prize!

had a contest
on Facebook,
and I was one of three
lucky winners!!!

I picked this
as my prize:

This will also 
look beautiful
on display in my home 
while I am not using it...
love the colors!


söndag, november 22, 2015

Crazy Factory Shopping!

I had some Crazy Factory
"Cash Points"
(about 80 swedish crowns)
so I decided to make an order.

I mainly bought 
"fake" stretched 
simply because
I prefer such 

If you are going to
buy such earrings
remember to buy
2 of each,
cause they do
NOT come in pairs...

I really like this 
pink pencil!

Also bought a
Triskele pendant.


Bicycle basket & dolls!

I have been looking
 for some kind 
of storage to keep 
by my bed at night.
I need somewhere to put my 
cough drops, lip balm
and nasal inhaler,
"My kit".

I have a trolley from IKEA
as a bedside table,
and "my kit" keeps
falling down on the floor...

Then I came up with the idea
to buy a kids bicycle basket,
and attach it to the trolley..!

I really think that this 
will work perfectly!

So, I just bought this 
pink basket on ebay:

A while ago I also
bought 3 dolls:



onsdag, november 18, 2015

Panduro shopping...again...

I found a discount coupon
for 30% off on items
with full price,
and the rest that I
ordered was already
on sale,
so I got 
of stuff for a very 
reasonable price..!

Most things are of the brand

I really love & adore the style
of that brand..!

Yule decor,
from Tilda:

Fabric from Tilda:


Pink heart tags:
Also stickers:
Pastel green paint:
Pink paint:
Ribbons from Tilda:

Pink lace fabric:

Floral paper stickers:



Also stencils:

Tilda stickers:

Cut-outs from Tilda:

Applique from Tilda:
Cut-outs from Tilda:

A "Winter House"-kit from Tilda:
Beautiful Tilda 

Tilda fabric:

Tilda ribbon:

Tilda stickers:

Tilda metal jars:

And finally some more
Tilda ribbon:

So loads of cute stuff!!!