lördag, oktober 31, 2015

I´m back..!

Yes, I am back here on 
my Jema Rose blog again...

I will keep both this blog,
and my other blog,
but I will not post about
the same type of stuff.

Here I will post about my home,
about things that are cute,
pastel, pretty, romantic etc.

On my other blog I will post
more about goth stuff, 
things that are darker,
macabre and perhaps
even morbid.

I will also post 
things about
music & movies 
on my other blog,
also stuff that are
related to my health etc.

So you might want to
follow just ONE of my blogs,
or perhaps even both...
ore none..!

It is all up to YOU!


I want to wish you ALL
A Happy Halloween
or as I prefer it...
A Happy Samhain!