måndag, december 28, 2015


I am getting more stuff from

Most things are on sale:


Gold paint

Gold earring hooks

Paper tape

Adhesive golden "wall art"

Paper boxes


And so to all the cute
TILDA stuff!!!

I have NO idea 
what I will do
with all the fabric...
and I already have some
since before...I just can´t resist
buying them!

Stickers for Easter/Ostara

Paper flags,
I have a pack
of these already...
love them!

Cute clothespins

Paper tags with teacups!

Fabric tape

Fabric tape

Paper pad

And more paper pads!


Today I have removed 
of my Yule decorations 
from my home...
I know that it is a bit early...
but I did started decorating
very early on the other hand..!


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