lördag, december 26, 2015

Makeup Table/Vanity!

I decided to buy a desk from 
a shop called JYSK today.
I will use it as a 
makeup table/vanity.

It was 1099:- swedish crowns
but was now on sale for 800:-
but I actually only paid 700:-
cause I had a voucher..!

I spent a LONG time today
putting the whole thing together...
I have a big blister in my right hand..!

I have not brought it in to my home yet,
it stands in my parents dining room 
at the moment...but my dad will help
me with the "moving" part tomorrow.

The desk looks like this:

Might not look very exciting...
but I totally love it!

I bought it mainly 
because it has drawers!

I will try to find a nice
 padded stool for it,
one that I can change 
the fabric on myself.



2 kommentarer:

  1. titta vad fint! Det är ju perfekt att använda som sminkbord!

  2. Ja, det är tydligen många som använder det som just sminkbord, finns även ett liknande på IKEA, men JYSK ligger liksom närmare mitt hem... ;)