tisdag, december 15, 2015

Latest ebay finds & Vanity...

I am dreaming about a 
makeup vanity...
and my dad is going 
to help me make one!

I have an old sewing machine table,
it used to be my grandmothers.

My dad will make a new table top,
that I am going to dress with 
some pretty oil cloth,
so that I don´t have to 
paint it...

I think it will look nice,
with a mirror on the wall above it,
and a wall sconce lamp
on each side of the mirror.

I will also buy another mirror,
such as this one from IKEA:

TRENSUM Spegel IKEA En sida med förstorande spegelglas. Lämplig i våtutrymmen eftersom den tål vatten.
I have bought some new 
pretty makeup brushes,
I will buy some more.
I want everything 
to be new & pretty!


Found this perfect storage
for all my lipsticks:

Also bought a 
Harry Potter-themed

And another necklace
that looks like
Jack Skellington:



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