lördag, december 05, 2015


I came to the 
that gold actually
 is very pretty..!

Today I don´t 
have a lot
of golden accessories,
so I decided to buy
some cheap ones
on ebay.

This is what I 
have bought
so far:

A whole lot 
of golden
septum clickers!

I have this 
model in silver,
love the skulls!

So colorful & pretty!


Finally I got a pair
of these earrings.
I am getting them
with the 5mm balls.

I already have these
in silver & black
and I really like them.
They are perfect 
for my 2 upper holes
in my left ear.
I have 3 holes 
in that ear,
and one in my
right ear.

I would really like to have
5 holes in my left ear though...

Tomorrow I will probably
buzz my hair off,
will keep 10mm perhaps.

This is what I look like now:

And this is what
 I looked like
the last time
 I buzzed my 
hair off:
(No makeup...)

the feeling 
of really 
short hair!!!


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