måndag, november 02, 2015

Yule Trees...

I have bought 
one more 
Yule Tree,
this one is
 really small,
about 60 cm.

This is how 
it looks like 
on the shops

And this is what it looks
 like in my home:
My dad was
 really sweet,
and made me a new
stand for it,
it looks SO much
better than the
ugly plastic one...

Tomorrow I will buy
the pink version of the tree:

It looks purple
 in this picture,
but I have seen it IRL,
so I know how 
pink & cute it looks..!

I might buy these as well:

And some
 silver tinsel
with stars:

I will also visit a 
second hand shop
so hopefully I will
find some more 
Yule decor 
for my home!


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