onsdag, oktober 22, 2014

Healthy snacks!

I am becoming more 
and more interested in 
eating as healthy as possible. 
Now I have also started 
eating more healthy snacks. 
Today I bought these fruit sticks
 from a Danish brand. 
They were really good! 

In the shop where I shop for food, 
they unfortunately only 
have 2 kinds of flavors to choose from,
which is a shame because there are many 
other flavors that seems very good, 
for example banana...

This one is with 
apple, raspberry
and dates.

Frugtstænger med æble-hindbær

Today, I was 
ordering some medicne 
from an online 
store called Apotea, 
I took the opportunity
 to also buy some healthy bars:

Yummy, yummy..!



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