tisdag, juli 30, 2013


I have ordered some movies:

I have never seen this one,
hadn´t even heard about it..!

This one I have seen 
a couple of times,
it is really good!!!

Haven´t seen...

Haven´t seen,
but I love 
Tim Burton!!!

Have seen this but that
was a VERY long time ago!

I am getting this for the
X-MEN film,
I have all the others
since before.


söndag, juli 28, 2013

The BIG concrete post!

Thought I should 
share some photos
of the concrete stuff we
have in the garden!

My dad has made most of them,
but many of the ideas & molds are mine..!

; )

This frog was not made by us,
I bought it finished at
 a Swedish shop
called Biltema.

This bench was entirely my dad´s idea!

Closeup on the bench...

I bought 2 plastic torsos in a 
second hand shop,
from the beginning they 
have been used to
display beach wear or lingerie...

Great patina!

This is also my dad´s creation!

Even though patina looks nice...
it also makes small objects look a bit strange,
you can hardly see that this is a cameo lady...

Also my dad´s design,
a candle holder that you 
can use tea lights on one side,
and ordinary candles on the other!

Hope that this post might get you inspired!