lördag, juni 29, 2013

Wooden Tribal Earrings!

These where a real bargain on Etsy
from Indonesia:

wooden tribal earrings organic jewelry

wood tribal earrings organic jewelry

wooden tribal earrings organic jewelry

wood tribal earrings organic jewelry

I only paid 
kr6.83 SEK / each
the shipping cost
kr.68.90 SEK

That is why I bought
4 pairs,
cause I only paid
a shipping cost
for the first item..!


Jema Rose

The Goth In Me...

...demanded that I should buy these:

And I really didn´t mind..!

They did not cost much at all...
in fact they where a bargain!


Jema Rose

Latest finds...

I just bought this flying Goddess from Bali,
I used to have a black Dragon in the same style,
but sadly I don´t have it any longer...

I love 
Arts & Crafts from Bali,
and this one really looks

Also bought these
Hungarian Gipsy Fortune Teller Cards:


I hope that you all are
 having a lovely weekend!

(I am not...I have a severe cold...)


Blessed Be!

måndag, juni 24, 2013

MORE pillow cases..!

Getting 2 of these:

And 2 of this one:

Now I just need some pillows..!


I wish you all a lovely new week!


torsdag, juni 20, 2013

Blessed Litha!

I found the second season of
 Game of Thrones at a good price...

And the first Gremlins movie for 
19 Swedish crowns...

And the entire 
Twin Peaks series 
for 99 Swedish crowns ...

Tomorrow is 
Midsummer Eve 
and Summer Solstice 
on the same day here in Sweden, 
so it should be every year..! 
The Pagan name for this 
Sabbat is Litha.

Blessed Litha

Litha Comments & Graphics

Litha Comments & Graphics

Litha Comments & Graphics

Litha Comments & Graphics

Litha Comments & Graphics


måndag, juni 17, 2013

Movie Bargains!!!

I am getting the entire 
Black Adder

Svarte Orm / Serie 1

Svarte Orm / Serie 2

Svarte Orm / Serie 3

Svarte Orm / Serie 4

All the


Saw 2


SAW 4 / Exklusiv metallask (Ltd)


SAW 6 / Director's cut

Saw 7 / The final chapter

And also these:

Drag me to hell / Director's cut



Most of them
 only costed
10 swedish crowns..!


söndag, juni 16, 2013

More pillow cases...

I am getting 2 like this one!



I am also going to buy 
a Kantha pillow case,
Kantha looks like this:

I am also tempted to buy 
a cover in this Suzani style:

Yes...I am crazy about pillows...


onsdag, juni 12, 2013

Pillow Cases!

At first I had planned to
buy some more patchwork
pillow cases,
but then I found these:

I am getting one like this one above...

And two like the one below...

They will look lovely on my bed!


Proud to be a nerd!

I just bought this:


måndag, juni 10, 2013


These dolls...

and this bag...

...I just bought from 
Rajasthan in India!

The bag is...
as you can see

And I have
 been wanting 
such Indian dolls
for YEARS!

So I was very pleased
to find them at such
a reasonable price!




Just ordered these:

söndag, juni 09, 2013

Skulls x 2

I love stuff with skulls!
I found this necklace on
and I really LOVE it!

I also bought a black tank top
with a beautiful Sugar Skull print!



torsdag, juni 06, 2013


Are these not just lovely?
 I could not resist them... 
they were also found
 in other variations,
 but I fell for these!
 One is a wrap and the other, 
I would probably 
call a bolero jacket.



...or maybe it´s just rubbish..?
I´ll tell you when I get it...

Yet another instrument...

...this time I bought a
Kalimba/Thumb Piano
(also has lots of other names)

This one is 
fairtrade handmade
 in Bali.

Looks really beautiful:

Now I will search 
for an Ocarina!


måndag, juni 03, 2013

Picture Captions

I can hardly believe it..!