fredag, maj 31, 2013

Have a lovely weekend!


Some stuff I recently 
bought on eBay:

Incense cones, 
I have bought them in the past 
and I am very pleased with them!

An anklet with stars as decor.

An artificial plant, 
not everyone's cup of tea...
 but I have it quite dark in my house,
 so I can not have so much real 
plants as I would like to.
However, I have two scented geraniums, 
called Dr.Westerlunds Health Flower, 
also known as Rose Geranium.

Something that I really would
like to buy is an Ocarina!

I will probably buy a cheap plastic one,
cause if I can not handle how to play it well,
 it does not matter so much,
 as if I had bought an expensive one,
 and some are really VERY expensive!


And here is someone who
really can play an Ocarina:

söndag, maj 26, 2013

Djembe Drum!

I already have a beautiful
 Kaizen drum, 
and I really LOVE it
 and I play for a while
 on it every day. 

Now I have bought 
soft drum sticks on eBay 
that I should use to drum with
I am sure of that it 
will sound really good!

Now I have actually 
bought another drum, 
it is a 60 cm high
Djembe drum, 
with elephant decor. 

My Kaizen drum
does not sound
 quite like a "normal" drum, 
so I wanted a Djembe too. 

When I drum,
 I feel like I get
 a meditative feeling,
 a feeling I really love! 

I'm too impatient 
to meditate in the usual way,
 so playing on a drum
 suits me much better!

The type of Kaizen drum I have:

Soft drum sticks/mallets:
The drum I am getting:


tisdag, maj 21, 2013

Star Trek etc.

I have ordered LOTS of
DVD´s and CD´s,
 from a store called Ginza.

Basically everything I
ordered costed 10 crowns each.
One DVD actually only
costed one crown..!

Then I ordered a box
with the first
10 Star Trek movies,
and also the eleventh film.
These I will get for my birthday.

The CD´s I am getting:

A Slight Touch of Grace

Halloween's Gravest Hits

Original Electro Album

Scary Master Pieces

Shaman / Book of Spells

Johnny remember me 1961-64

The DVD´s I am getting:
Köplust / Stephen King


Osbourne Kelly: Turning Japanese

Princess bride




Cold comfort farm

City of ember

Brassed off

Adventure of Sherlock Holmes smarter brother

Star Trek movie collection 1-10

Star Trek 11 / The future begins


torsdag, maj 09, 2013

Harem Pants!

I just bought
4 pairs of short
harem pants.

There were 
different patterns
to choose between!!!

But I went for these:

I used to 
dislike this
sort of pants...
but now
I love them!


J ema

tisdag, maj 07, 2013

Winter is coming...

I am getting this T-shirt:

I also ordered some DVD:s,
the prices were very low on them:

Perhaps they all turns 
out to be rubbish...
but still...
I really want to see them..!



lördag, maj 04, 2013

Pink & Green!

Fake spiral gauges!

Green looks
 really good 
with my green eyes 
& red hair.

And pink...
well I just

eBay Image Hosting at

eBay Image Hosting at

Also available in 
Black, White,
Yellow, Orange


I bought them

For those of you
who couldn´t care less
about what I shop...
well, I will actually
post some photos 
of my home soon,
I have almost
finished painting 
my wall!!!


Fishnet Gloves...

I've had a couple of these
 kinds of gloves before,
 but I honestly 
do not know
 where they are...
 so I bought a 
new pair yesterday.


 Also available in other colors, 
I have seen them
 in neon colors
 which is so trendy now, 
I have also seen gloves that 
goes further up the arm.


 Wishing you a lovely weekend!


onsdag, maj 01, 2013

From Etsy!

Large Spiral 20gauge Brown Fancy Wooden Fake Gauge Tribal Design Earrings

Bought these on Etsy, 
they are very big 
and look really beautiful!
Bought them from Indonesia.