lördag, mars 30, 2013

Sopor Aeternus...

Bought these 2
Sopor Aeternus
 CD:s on eBay,

I bought them from
 a seller in the U.S.,
the cost of both the discs,
was less than ONE disc would cost
me from a Swedish online store..!
So of course I'd rather buy stuff
on eBay!


Dr. Martens

Dr Martens 1460 Boot - Front View

For MORE than
20 years,
I have been wanting
a pair of Dr. Martens boots,
and now (finally)
I have a ordered a pair!

I am getting the
Dr. Martens
1460 Boot
in Cherry Red.

I got a really good discount in an 
online shop called Brandos.


måndag, mars 25, 2013


I have ordered two movies on CDON.
Both are about Buddhism and the Dalai Lama.
I've seen both films, but that was long ago,
so I took the opportunity to buy them on
Blu-Ray now that it was such a great price on them!

fredag, mars 22, 2013

Earth Hour!

don´t forget 
Earth Hour


I just bought this
Buddha head,
he has 4 different
facial expressions!


Have a lovely 


onsdag, mars 20, 2013



My lunch for today:

*Roman salad
*Feta cheese
*Black olives
*Green peppers
*Sun dried tomatoes
*Grated carrots
*Homemade dressing 
with Dijon mustard.

Tasted delicious!

To this I drank 
oat milk.



tisdag, mars 19, 2013



Introduktion till buddhismen

Lycka! : en handbok i konsten att leva

All from


måndag, mars 18, 2013


I saw these 2 
strap camisoles
on eBay yesterday,
and I really fell in love 
with them!



These are just perfect,
really fits MY style!


Have a beautiful new week!


lördag, mars 16, 2013

Stuff I am waiting for...


Leopard Print

I really like the 
look of them!
I have always loved
leopard prints!

DSCN8411.jpg picture by MeePhoto2
A purple iron on patch,
I believe that the symbol
is a Chakra symbol...
The Crown Chakra,
The Sahasrara.

And this is a sandalwood
Buddhist prayer bead 

It was available in other colors,
but I felt drawn to this one
in yellow.



fredag, mars 15, 2013

Sari Wall Hanging!

I just bought this on
 eBay from India:

Isn´t it just gorgeous?

I am going to hang it on a wall
behind my armchair.

Can hardly wait until I get it!

Have a lovely weekend!


torsdag, mars 14, 2013

The Hobbit

I have just pre-booked the film The Hobbit,
 I have not actually seen it before.
However, since I of course have 
seen The Lord of  the Rings trilogy,
 a number of times,
I must of course see this too!
I also ordered playing cards 
with The Hobbit as a motif.

Then I got an offer to buy
 a product for as little as 
14 Swedish crowns,
so then I chose Gladiator
 on Blu-ray,
 because I recently 
got rid of my VHS tape
with that movie.


tisdag, mars 12, 2013

Healthy Choices!


I have made ​​some choices
 recently that really 
feels right for me!

I have started with yoga,
 I've started meditating again
 and I have decided 
to become a vegetarian.

It feels like I've taken
 a big step in the
 right direction in my life!

I strive to 
feel better,
 have less pain, 
feel more alert,
and to get a better 
balance in both 
body & soul!

Yesterday I started meditating,
 thanks to that I got 
a tip about joining 
Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra's: 
"Oprah & Deepak's 
21-Day Meditation 
Challenge Perfect Health". 
I recommend EVERYONE 
to sign up for this, 
it costs nothing, 
but it will certainly 
pay off well for
 your health!

If YOU want to join,
please click


fredag, mars 08, 2013

International Women's Day

(This is from 2011)

Have a lovely weekend
Blessed be!


måndag, mars 04, 2013



In Sweden 
we every year 
at this time,
 have a big
 Book Sale.

You can make really
 good bargains then.
I bought a book called:
Star Wars - The Sound Effects, 
and it really was a great bargain!

Now I have ordered 
some more books,
some from the sale,
but some are not:

Glädje och livsenergi!
A CD called 
Joy & Life Energy

On sale

101 Skräckfilmer du måste se innan du dör
This book is called:

 101 horror movies you
 must see before you die

Also on sale for:

101 Sci-fi filmer du måste se innan du dör
Then of course I had 
to get this one too:

101 Sci-Fi movies you
 must see before you die


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Buddhism
Since I am a 
"Gaia Buddhist"
 I felt that I wanted to learn 
more about Buddhism,
and this was the book I chose.

 I already have the book 
The Complete
Idiot´s Guide 
To Paganism, 
and it really is packed 
with interesting facts, 
so probably this one is too!


Not on sale.

Have a lovely new week

Blessed Be!


lördag, mars 02, 2013

Dragons & Bells

From now on I will be
 blogging in English only!
Hope I in this way, that I will get
some more comments.

These two hanging
decorations with dragons,
I bought recently on eBay,
I know exactly where to hang them,
I think it will look beautiful!



Have a lovely weekend!


fredag, mars 01, 2013

Har köpt 
2 stora sjalar
i orange färg,
som jag ska ha 
till gardiner.

Jag har haft 
en likadan
sjal tidigare,
men har tydligen
inte den 
kvar längre...

Dessa hittade
jag på eBay.

Sedan väntar jag även på dessa

Sedan har jag köpt
Tibetanska Böneflaggor
dessa är i papper
så de ska jag
ha inomhus:

Sedan tänkte
 jag ha dessa i
mitt uterum/kattgård:


Önskar er en fin helg!

*Blessed Be*