tisdag, juli 09, 2013

More spikes...

I really like
 the pretty
 effect on these
spike earrings:

I am getting one pair
of each color.


An update when it 
comes to my hair...
I have come to the conclusion
that I much rather would like
to have a full undercut,
or just bigger sidecuts than
I have today.

I really want to be able
to put up my hair in a ponytail,
and also be able to still use
my dreadfalls...


1 kommentar:

  1. Michelle Crafts for misfits har bara luggen och håret mitt uppe på huvudet kvar. tidigare hade hon ulldreads i håret men har numer tagit ut dem. Kika in på hennes blogg hur hon ser ut. Är det något sådant du har tänkt dig?