måndag, juli 01, 2013

Happy Birthday...

...to ME!!!

Yes, today is my birthday.
I won´t tell you my age though...

; )

I celebrated my birthday yesterday,
and these are the lovely gifts I got:

TYRA armband multi
A beautiful bracelet!

A cute Zebra pen!

A lovely wooden box!

Star Trek movie collection 1-10
Star Trek The Movie Collection
Star Trek 11 / The future begins

And then on top of all this
I also got some money,
I think I might buy 
my very own toaster,
since I am gluten intolerant
I need to have my own...


I still have a HORRIBLE cold,
so my birthday isn´t exactly pleasent...
But when I feel better,
I will go on a "Shopping Trip"
with my parents.

I do hope that the weather will improve soon,
doesn´t feel very summery at the moment...


Back to bed I think...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Så himla supertrist att du ska vara förkyld nu :/
    Många krya och grattiskramar <3

    1. Det är väl det som kallas Murphy´s Law..? ;)


  2. I'm singing you 'Happy Birthday' right this minute Jenny xxx
    Hope you have had a really special day xx
    Hugs Lynn xxx