torsdag, juli 11, 2013

Hair rambling...again!

So...I have decided to shave/cut 
my hair into a Mohawk-style.

This means that I will still
be able to put in my dread falls.

I am going to buy 2 
variations of dread falls,
they look like this:

A blonde one...

And then a black one,
have no picture of
 that one though...
but I think you
can imagine it..!

The one I have 
since before,
looks like this:

The quality is VERY good,
and it is comfortable to wear!


Really looking forward
to get 2 more,
so that I can alternate!



2 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. Betalade precis dem! :) Jag har en annan sorts dread fall som jag köpt från Australien, men den är så stor, tung & obekväm, så jag ska försöka att dela på den...