lördag, juli 27, 2013

Get organized...

I really need to get more organized
when it comes to all my jewelry..!

At the moment
 I have them
in this cabinet:

I think it LOOKS nice,
but it is not practical
enough I think...
I have all my "fake"
in the glass jars 
on the top shelf,
and I would like to
be able to access them
a bit easier...

So what options 
do I have then..?

If YOU have any ideas
PLEASE let me know!

This is the best one
I have found so far,
not a very attractive 
looking one...
but practical...YES:

I also like this a bit,
but it is way too small...


2 kommentarer:

  1. Jema....I'm a BIG believer in hooks......anykind....I have several hooks on long decorative boards that really come in handy in displaying my things, and like you, I love having them out to see them.


  2. Me too...but I can´t put the gauges on hooks...
    I must have them in some sort of container.
    But I do have all my necklaces on display on hooks etc.