fredag, maj 31, 2013

Have a lovely weekend!


Some stuff I recently 
bought on eBay:

Incense cones, 
I have bought them in the past 
and I am very pleased with them!

An anklet with stars as decor.

An artificial plant, 
not everyone's cup of tea...
 but I have it quite dark in my house,
 so I can not have so much real 
plants as I would like to.
However, I have two scented geraniums, 
called Dr.Westerlunds Health Flower, 
also known as Rose Geranium.

Something that I really would
like to buy is an Ocarina!

I will probably buy a cheap plastic one,
cause if I can not handle how to play it well,
 it does not matter so much,
 as if I had bought an expensive one,
 and some are really VERY expensive!


And here is someone who
really can play an Ocarina:

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Jenny how are things xxx I love your new anklet just the thing for brown feet and lovely summer is that wishfull thinking.. xxx
    Hugs Lynn
    Have a lovely weekend too

    1. Hi Lynn!
      I am having some problems caused by my Gluten Intolerance, but hopefully it will get better soon..!

      Hugs Jenny