söndag, maj 26, 2013

Djembe Drum!

I already have a beautiful
 Kaizen drum, 
and I really LOVE it
 and I play for a while
 on it every day. 

Now I have bought 
soft drum sticks on eBay 
that I should use to drum with
I am sure of that it 
will sound really good!

Now I have actually 
bought another drum, 
it is a 60 cm high
Djembe drum, 
with elephant decor. 

My Kaizen drum
does not sound
 quite like a "normal" drum, 
so I wanted a Djembe too. 

When I drum,
 I feel like I get
 a meditative feeling,
 a feeling I really love! 

I'm too impatient 
to meditate in the usual way,
 so playing on a drum
 suits me much better!

The type of Kaizen drum I have:

Soft drum sticks/mallets:
The drum I am getting:


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