onsdag, april 03, 2013


Actually, I have quite 
a lot of leggings already...
but most are pretty 
washed out and boring!

So I bought 
these on eBay ...
hope they will fit,
but I've lost 12 kilos,
and will probably 
lose even more,
so hopefully it should 
not be any problem..!


Though now I will probably 
have to get some tops 
that fits to these leggings,
plain & without pattern..!


Peace signs is something 
I started to really 
like recently.
But I get very annoyed 
when people confuse it 
with the sign of Mercedes...

I thought they looked 
summery and romantic!

Thought they 
would be good
 when we are out 
driving with the old Ford!

Hard to see in this picture,
 but it's actually cats on them!


2 kommentarer:

  1. Oj så många fina ! Mönstrade leggings och byxor verkar komma starkt i affärerna nu har jag sett .

    1. Ja, visst ser de fina ut,
      hoppas bara att de passar också..!
      Tror att jag ska köpa ett par svart/vit-randiga också.