måndag, mars 04, 2013



In Sweden 
we every year 
at this time,
 have a big
 Book Sale.

You can make really
 good bargains then.
I bought a book called:
Star Wars - The Sound Effects, 
and it really was a great bargain!

Now I have ordered 
some more books,
some from the sale,
but some are not:

Glädje och livsenergi!
A CD called 
Joy & Life Energy

On sale

101 Skräckfilmer du måste se innan du dör
This book is called:

 101 horror movies you
 must see before you die

Also on sale for:

101 Sci-fi filmer du måste se innan du dör
Then of course I had 
to get this one too:

101 Sci-Fi movies you
 must see before you die


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Buddhism
Since I am a 
"Gaia Buddhist"
 I felt that I wanted to learn 
more about Buddhism,
and this was the book I chose.

 I already have the book 
The Complete
Idiot´s Guide 
To Paganism, 
and it really is packed 
with interesting facts, 
so probably this one is too!


Not on sale.

Have a lovely new week

Blessed Be!


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