måndag, februari 11, 2013

OK...EN bok till..!

Kunde ju inte låta bli
att beställa denna också..!

Så här beskrivs boken på

RICE picked the name 
of their company because
 it is a basic survival product 
for many people in the world.
 They like to show
 people how the basics
 of everyday life can
 be made so much 
more enjoyable by 
bringing colour 
and a sense of fun 
to daily living,
 whether by using 
colourful accessories
 in the kitchen or by 
introducing colourful fabrics,
 textures and hints of humour
 in to the living room.
 Danish design is not
 all about cool and
 calm interiors. 
RICE Style is all about fun, 
colour and enjoyment.
 RICE creates innovative 
homewares collections 
that are ethically sourced 
and produced. 
They are in stores 
all over the world from 
Liberty in London and 
John Lewis in the UK
 and Illum in Copenhagen
 to Huset in Malibu
 and So Perfect Eats
 in Denver USA. 
The book features
RICE style applied
 to a variety of homes, 
from a contemporary 
Copenhagen apartment 
to a simple country retreat,
 a comfortable family
 home to an ultra modern
 studio space. 
Happy Home is 
a beautiful demonstration 
of the RICE ethos,
 and how its warm 
and caring,
 fun and funky 
aesthetic can be 
applied in living spaces, 
kitchens, bedrooms, 
children's rooms 
and outdoor areas.


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  1. Ser riktigt snygg ut. Kan det vara så att du har köpt en earcuff som ser ut som en ryggrad till mig? :)