måndag, juli 16, 2018

Hello Kitty!

On my birthday I got 
50 Swedish Krona 
to spend from & on CDON,
I had to order things for
200:- so I ordered a book
for my parents,
and then I picked 
2 items for myself:

This first item was only

I also found this one
in Finnish...
and I have a
in Finland that explained
 that the title
in English is
"Keep Busy Today"

BUT it is Hello Kitty
and the price was only


söndag, juli 15, 2018

Funko Pop! (Wishlist...)

If I had the money
(and I don´t...)
I would buy
ALL of these:

Red with Doozer vinylfigur 519

Boober with Doozer vinylfigur 520

Tenderheart Bear vinylfigur 352
Cheer Bear (Chase-möjlighet) vinylfigur 351
Love-A-Lot Bear vinylfigur 354
Grumpy Bear vinylfigur 353
Funshine Bear (Chase-möjlighet) vinylfigur 356
Good Luck Bear (Chase-möjlighet) vinylfigur 355
Sailor Moon & Luna - vinylfigur 89
Chibi Moon vinylfigur 295
Sailor Neptune vinylfigur 298
Sailor Pluto vinylfigur 296
Sailor Uranus vinylfigur 297
Minnie Mouse

Cheshirekatten - vinylfigur 178
Chessur - vinylfigur 183
Rapunzel - vinylfigur 223
Ariel - vinylfigur 27
Snövit vinylfigur 339
Sally Vinyl Figure 16
Alice - vinylfigur 49
Luna Lovegood with Lion Head vinylfigur 47
Aurora (Chase-möjlighet) vinylfigur 325
Rainbow Dash Sea Pony (Chase-möjlighet) vinylfigur 12

MANY more...


Coopers Candy Shopping!

I am getting some
stuff from the Swedish shop:


Unicorn bunting...SO cute!

Amerikanskt Godis
A Pocket POP! Tin with
Ariel, Belle & Tinkerbell,
this will be my first thing
from POP! and it was on sale,
actually it was 60% off...
so good deal I think!

Amerikanskt Godis
Ms Pacman Arcade Candy Tin..!

Amerikanskt Godis
A TY Pinkie Pie plush!!!

Amerikanskt Godis
And also Pinkie Pie´s
Buttercream Flavored
Lip Balm!

Amerikanskt Godis
I am getting 2
Hello Kitty 
Chocolate Eggs...

Amerikanskt Godis
Also getting 
Question Mark
Coin Candies!

Amerikanskt Godis
And finally 
Controller Mints...


fredag, juli 13, 2018

Tamagotchi - Bear

I have always wanted a 
and today I bought
something that is at
least similar to that.

It is a green bear-shaped
electronic pet!!!

SOOO cute!

It also came in
blue, red & pink,
but I actually
prefer this green one:

I found this on the
Swedish website
and it was only
39:- Swedish Krona..!
Good price I think,
and also NO
shipping cost...



tisdag, juli 10, 2018

Some More Thrift Store Shopping!

Went to another thrift store today,
and was happy to find some 
more cute & fun stuff:

 I got really excited
 when I found
2 TY Monstaz!!!

Perfect condition!

 The pink is called Trixie...
can you tell that the fur
sparkles a bit...very nice!

They are from 2012...

The blue one is
called Jerry...

The sound effect still
works on both of them!

A Brainy Smurf from 
Burger King...
he is missing a red"tablet"
of some sort...

A yellow dolphin
with green, blue & orange flowers...
a Flower Power-Hippie-Dolphin I guess..!


My beautiful cats:
Mio & Jum-Jum 


måndag, juli 09, 2018

Toys..! (Thrift store shopping)

I went to a Thrift Store today
and found some cute & fun toys
to bring home!

First thing I found
was this really
cute Hello Kitty...
she only needed
some cleaning 
with a baby wipe...

Not sure where this is from...
Angry Bird perhaps..?


Found 2 Pokemon figures!


Not sure who this is...

Found this tiny
coin purse...

This hamster (?)
must have something
to do with the one 
I already have

Zhu Zhu Pets...

Was VERY happy about
this tiny Care Bear!!!
It´s 14 years old..!
I believe that the name
is Friend Bear...