söndag, januari 31, 2016


I just ordered 
some stuff from
a web shop called 
they had 50% off
on the sale...
so VERY low prices..!

Ellos Kids Sweatshirt med olika tryck
Sweatshirt from the kids department,
Ellos Collection Sweatshirt med dekorativ ficka
Another sweatshirt,
I love animal prints!

Ellos Collection Sweatshirt med tryck
Yet another sweatshirt...
Ellos Kids Sweatshirt
And one more...
this one was also
from the kids department.
Ellos Collection Mjuk bh i spets
Getting 2 bras like this one.
Ellos Collection Maxitrosa 3-pack
Some panties...
I prefer this model...
some call them
Granny Panties...
I call them comfy..!
Ellos Collection Maxitrosa 3-pack
Ellos Collection Byxa med supersmal passform
A pair of golden pants...
I love GOLD!!!
Ellos Collection Treggings Gunnel
Another pair of cool pants.
Ellos Kids Kjol i trikå
5 short skirts from the
kids department,
perfect to wear over
Ellos Kids Kjol i trikå
Ellos Kids Kjol
Ellos Kids Kort kjol
Animal prints again...
be still my heart..!
Ellos Kids Kort kjol
Ellos Home Kuddfodral Willie 50x50 cm
Finally I am getting 
2 cushion covers 
with a golden star,
and 1 cover with
a zebra!
Ellos Home Kuddfodral Zebra

Tomorrow I am going 
to see my doctor,
I will be getting an allergy test,
cause I am having some 
horrible allergy symptoms...
hopefully he can help me..!


fredag, januari 15, 2016

Latest ebay finds...

A purple bra:

And a pink lips 


Enjoy your weekend!



torsdag, januari 14, 2016

Yet another sad day...

You will be sadly missed Alan...


måndag, januari 11, 2016

söndag, januari 10, 2016


...hopefully I will visit IKEA next week.
this is what I will look for there:

PINGLA Låda med lock IKEA Passar bra till att förvara eller flytta böcker och andra tunga saker, eftersom botten är förstärkt.
I will mainly be shopping
for storage items.
VESSLA Back med hjul IKEA Hjul medföljer. Överkanten fungerar också som handtag; backen är enkel att lyfta och bära.
Box with wheels,
I will buy 2 boxes
and 2 lids,
to keep under 
my makeup table.

VESSLA Lock IKEA Lockets utformning gör att även VESSLA backar med hjul kan staplas.
Then I also need something
to put in the makeup table
These are made to use in the kitchen,
but I will use them for makeup.
STÖDJA Redskapslåda IKEA Lämplig för förvaring av större köksredskap. Besticklådans kanter kan vikas eller klippas av för att passa din kökslåda.

STÖDJA Besticklåda IKEA Besticklådans kanter kan vikas eller klippas av för att passa din kökslåda. Lätt att ta ut och rengöra.
I will also buy 2 bigger boxes
to keep under my bed.
I might keep my CD:s there.
GIMSE Sänglåda IKEA Förvandlar utrymmet under din säng till en smart förvaringsplats. Locket hindrar damm från att tränga in i lådan.
I am getting a 
makeup mirror...
just wish it had
been golden...
TRENSUM Spegel IKEA En sida med förstorande spegelglas. Lämplig i våtutrymmen eftersom den tål vatten.

I might buy
 a rice lamp
to decorate with 
REGOLIT Taklampskärm IKEA Varje handgjord skärm är unik.


When it comes to eating at IKEA...
well that is a problem with 
my food intolerances & allergies...
but the most important thing is that
I must avoid gluten...so I will eat this:

Chicken meatballs...

or this:

(Raw spiced salmon)

This one also looks tasty...
but it seems like quinoa
does not agree with
my tummy...


onsdag, januari 06, 2016

Latest ebay finds!

2 more septum hangers!
I have plenty of such
jewelry now...
but not in these models...
and not any in black...


A fake leather 
necklace with
3 golden skulls:
A pink compact mirror:
And a pretty shoe
to store rings in:


torsdag, december 31, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

Lets hope that 
will be a 
wonderful year
filled with



onsdag, december 30, 2015

Makeup Book...

I am getting this book!
Hopefully it will be
very easy to understand,
and with 
good instructions...



måndag, december 28, 2015


I am getting more stuff from

Most things are on sale:


Gold paint

Gold earring hooks

Paper tape

Adhesive golden "wall art"

Paper boxes


And so to all the cute
TILDA stuff!!!

I have NO idea 
what I will do
with all the fabric...
and I already have some
since before...I just can´t resist
buying them!

Stickers for Easter/Ostara

Paper flags,
I have a pack
of these already...
love them!

Cute clothespins

Paper tags with teacups!

Fabric tape

Fabric tape

Paper pad

And more paper pads!


Today I have removed 
of my Yule decorations 
from my home...
I know that it is a bit early...
but I did started decorating
very early on the other hand..!