måndag, juli 11, 2016

Crazy Factory Shopping!

Crazy Factory has
 a sale going on,
and I also had several 
Crazy Cash Points
to shop for..!

This is what I am getting:

Remember to 
buy TWO
if you are 
buying this 
sort of earrings,
they do NOT
come in pairs...

Looks like Merlin to me..!

OM/AUM sign...


Thor´s Hammer...


Also bought these 2
septum hangers 
in rose gold,
even though I
so far have nothing
else in rose gold...
but they were
really cheap..!

And this design is
something I don´t 
have yet...have no
idea how it will
look on me...

Today I shaved
my hair off again..!
It´s now only 
3mm long/short...
and I love it!


I will try to make 
yarn dreads and 
put them on these
headbands that I
bought on ebay:

15pcs Womens Girls Sports Hair sweat Head Band Cotton Stretch Hairband | eBay:

I bought a shoulder bag
a while ago, also on ebay:

CX0268B.jpg (600×600):


I won a beautiful necklace!

(go check out her blog)
had a giveaway
a while ago,
and I was one
of the lucky

I love the necklace I won,
very bohemian & pretty!

Came in a lovely
organza bag with
card & tag too..!

Lots of animal pendants!

Thank you
SO much!!!


söndag, juni 26, 2016

Kitsch shopping!

A Swedish shop
called Kitsch,
has loads of
awesome stuff!

Today I finally
ordered something
that I have been
wanting for ages!!!

A beautiful
Lakshmi statue.
She can be used
as a fountain as
well, but I will
not do that.
Fontän/Staty, Goddess Lakshmi - Kitsch:
SO pretty...

Cigarrlåda, Extra Special - Kitsch:
A lovely box!

Kort, Guadalupe en Rosas - Kitsch:
A Guadalupe card.

Skosnöre, Stjärna:

Hinduiska Statyer, Set Om 6 - Kitsch:
Small Hindu
SO cute!

Nyckelring, Buddha Rosa:
2 Buddha
Nyckelring, Buddha Grön:

These are my
Birthday gifts
to ME
from ME..!



Bindis & Incense!

I am getting 10 packets..!

And a pack with
incense cones.

I have used this kind
before and it smells


torsdag, juni 23, 2016

ebay shopping...

Maneki Neko
Lucky Cat
solar panel:

Decided to get one of these for myself as well,
bought one a while ago for my niece.


Also getting one more
poster from India:

Goddess Durga

I am hanging this close to
my cats feeding bowl,
and I thought a motif
with a tiger was fitting..!


Bought 4 small
as well:

Krishna &  Radha

Shiva, Brahma & Vishnu



All the posters where
bought from this
ebay store:

The Absolute
Indian Store



måndag, juni 20, 2016

On My Wish List!



Today I bought 2
posters on ebay:



I consider
myself to be an
Eclectic Wiccan,
so both of these
lovely posters
will fit in
perfectly in my


lördag, juni 18, 2016

Floral Shawls...

Not a very good photo...
but I just bought 2 orange
floral shawls on ebay.

I will use them as curtains!
I already have a pair 
in a beautiful green...
...but I am using them
as a bed canopy 
at the moment...
so I needed 
something new for
my windows.

The orange color was cheaper than all the rest..!
Lucky me who happens to love orange!



fredag, juni 17, 2016

Life update...and ebay..!

So, I have, as you may have noticed, 
not been writing on the blog for a while...
 I've been pretty sick...unfortunately, and I still am. 
I went to see a woman performing treatments 
in the form of QI therapy, I was there two times,
 but it did not help at all!
 And also it was very expensive... 
I can not be bothered to write more about it,
 I will just try to put the whole thing
 behind me and hopefully forget it all..!

I just HATE charlatans!!!


Now to something much more fun...
SHOPPING...what else..?
This solar panel
Maneki Neko
Lucky Cat
is for my niece.

And this one is for me:

I am also getting 
100 colorful bells,
to put in my latest

Rather bonkers...
don´t you think..?


Have a lovely 

lördag, juni 04, 2016

Bastet Dress!

Just bought myself 
a new dress on ebay!

There is a print on it
with the cat goddess

I am getting a grey dress,
but you can get it in
black or burgundy as well.

If I love the dress,
I will buy the
other two colors too..!