fredag, oktober 24, 2014

Halloween/Samhain/Día de los Muertos..!

So I actually managed to
put up some decor after all
for this season of the year!

Being Pagan,
Samhain is 
New Year!

Litha are 
my favorite
of the year.

Yes...I have a small
 purple Yule tree up already..!
I decorated it with pumpkins,
bats, a skull and Jack Skellington,
really love how it turned out!

Blessed Be




onsdag, oktober 22, 2014

Healthy snacks!

I am becoming more 
and more interested in 
eating as healthy as possible. 
Now I have also started 
eating more healthy snacks. 
Today I bought these fruit sticks
 from a Danish brand. 
They were really good! 

In the shop where I shop for food, 
they unfortunately only 
have 2 kinds of flavors to choose from,
which is a shame because there are many 
other flavors that seems very good, 
for example banana...

This one is with 
apple, raspberry
and dates.

Frugtstænger med æble-hindbær

Today, I was 
ordering some medicne 
from an online 
store called Apotea, 
I took the opportunity
 to also buy some healthy bars:

Yummy, yummy..!



måndag, oktober 20, 2014

Some more oracle cards...

Getting these 2 as well...
I feel really excited!!!



Some more Halloween/Samhain stuff + gloves...

I am getting 2
 of these LED lamps,
they change color:


Also found really nice
fingerless gloves:

Wine red




My home...

I got this piano for 
christmas 1977..!
Back then it was red with a 
flower decor on it.

Now I have put napkin
 decoupage on it,
and on the keys washi-tape.

 (sorry about the blurred photo...)


söndag, oktober 19, 2014


I really 
even though
I prefer to
call it 
since I am

But I don´t really have 
any decor for this sabbat,
I found these on eBay,
but I won´t be
able to get them
in time of 
THIS year,
but that´s OK...

3 really cute bats!

2 cute pumpkin buckets!

Another bat,
I adore this one!

And a really cool spider!


I will buy 
some more stuff,
gonna post the 
pictures of 
what I end up
buying here
in another post!



torsdag, oktober 16, 2014

Oracle Cards etc.

Every night 
before I go to bed,
 I consult my 
oracle cards & tarot cards. 
I feel that I would like to 
expand my collection of decks, 
and this one I feel really attracted to.

I already have 
another deck by 
Colette Baron-Reid
and I LOVE it:

I am also getting this book,
I have been wanting it
for a long time:

Then (of course...)
I am getting some
more movies:

I have a thing for
Chris Hemsworth...


Jema recommends!

I haven´t
 fully become
a vegetarian yet,
but at least I don´t 
eat mammals..!

I tried this 
vegan product today,
and it is 



tisdag, oktober 14, 2014


The other day, 
I finally organized 
my bookshelves, 
and now almost all my movies
 fits in ONE bookcase instead of two.
 This means that there is room
  for even more movies! 
Today I bought 
these three movies:

I also bought one of my
favourite snacks
(not completely healthy though...)


lördag, oktober 11, 2014


So today I bought
2 pillows with this
"knitted pattern",
really love them,
looks great with 
the rag rugs 
on my sofa!