fredag, oktober 07, 2016

Elfs etc.

I found this
 cute couple 
on ebay.

Also found this
felted sign

I don´t think that I
will get it in time
for Halloween/Samhain though
but there will be other years..!

Also found these

My niece will turn 8 years
next month, and she has told me
that she really would like
to get a Pikachu plush.
This is the one I am
going to give her:

I do hope that she
will like him...

Have a lovely


tisdag, oktober 04, 2016


I wanted 2 long shawls
to use as Yule curtains,
and I think this one will
work very nicely..!

I am also getting 2 of this one!

A pair of earrings,
the biggest size.
I have the same type
in black, silver
and gold.

A very cute necklace!
I will wear this
all year,
not just for

This one is also
very cute
I think..!

Loving this


lördag, oktober 01, 2016

Ginza Shopping!

I had thought to be more
economical...but that didn´t 
last very long...I will make
a new attempt after 
Christmas/Yule I guess...

I am getting this 
from the Swedish 
web shop

American Horror Story / Säsong 5

Palmer's pick-up

En man som heter Ove
I am getting this for 
my dad for his birthday.

1:a kapitlet 2005
Had no idea
 that there was 
a Swedish group that
are similar to
Master of Chants..!
So I had to get it!


Gyllene druvor från Montelena

Mrs Henderson presenterar

Prospero's books

Dog house


Plasma Art / Fireplaces

Heroes & demons
so I have a thing for
Tom Hardy...

Jack Brown genius

Beautiful creatures

Beyond Bollywood (Digi)
Some music...
1000 forms of fear 2014

Justin och de tappra riddarna

Arkiv X - I want to believe + Stargate Continuum

Monty Python / Meningen med livet
I have other Monty Python movies...
but not these for some strange reason...
Monty Python / Life of Brian

Jorden runt på 80 dagar

Alice i Spegellandet

The Huntsman - Winter's war

Ensam hemma 1-4
I love watching 
Christmas/Yule movies!

Star Wars - Keps svart
This Star Wars cap
was on sale..!


onsdag, september 28, 2016

Blue Coat...

Just bought this
blue coat
on ebay...
it was
VERY cheap...
so I really
wonder what it
will look like..!



lördag, september 24, 2016


What I bought lately:

I am loving this necklace!

Beads that I will use
to decorate my dreads!

Ear cuffs, getting
one of each.

A set with one necklace,
one bracelet,
and one finger ring.

In the 90s I had a necklace
just like this one..!

Transparent rubber bands
for my dreads.


tisdag, september 20, 2016

Pituitary Gland...

Yesterday I went to see my doctor.
I got the results of the blood samples,
and they were not completely normal...
there is something wrong with my
Pituitary Gland and also my
Thyroid Gland.

We will take
 some new tests in
3 weeks time.

I am of course a bit worried
 about the whole thing,
but I will try to stay positive.

By Patrick J. Lynch, medical illustrator .

fredag, september 16, 2016

Havana Mambo Twist Braids!

Just HAD to buy
#T1B Purple
#P1B Purple

Each pack contains
12 braids
and I hope that it
will be enough
for a small
dread fall.
I will attatch them
to a headband.



onsdag, september 14, 2016

Latest ebay find!

I am really trying 
to buy so much stuff...
but I really liked
these earrings,
and they didn´t cost much...



I know that I have
 not been very active
with new blog posts...
but I am really sick at the moment...
going to see my doctor on monday,
and I have had some
blood samples taken this week.


fredag, augusti 26, 2016

Army Caps...

Just bought 2 army caps with rivets on them.
I hardly have any hair on my head at the moment,
and really needs to protect my sensitive skin
from the burning sun...and I really liked
the look of these;


tisdag, augusti 02, 2016

Latest ebay-finds!

I bought a hand fan today on ebay,
but I don´t know what pattern
or color I will actually get...but that´s OK.


I have bought 2 types of
"backflow" incense holders.
Very excited about these..!


And 50 incense cones for the holders.

Finally a
Goddess ISIS