lördag, september 24, 2016


What I bought lately:

I am loving this necklace!

Beads that I will use
to decorate my dreads!

Ear cuffs, getting
one of each.

A set with one necklace,
one bracelet,
and one finger ring.

In the 90s I had a necklace
just like this one..!

Transparent rubber bands
for my dreads.


tisdag, september 20, 2016

Pituitary Gland...

Yesterday I went to see my doctor.
I got the results of the blood samples,
and they were not completely normal...
there is something wrong with my
Pituitary Gland and also my
Thyroid Gland.

We will take
 some new tests in
3 weeks time.

I am of course a bit worried
 about the whole thing,
but I will try to stay positive.

By Patrick J. Lynch, medical illustrator .

fredag, september 16, 2016

Havana Mambo Twist Braids!

Just HAD to buy
#T1B Purple
#P1B Purple

Each pack contains
12 braids
and I hope that it
will be enough
for a small
dread fall.
I will attatch them
to a headband.



onsdag, september 14, 2016

Latest ebay find!

I am really trying 
to buy so much stuff...
but I really liked
these earrings,
and they didn´t cost much...



I know that I have
 not been very active
with new blog posts...
but I am really sick at the moment...
going to see my doctor on monday,
and I have had some
blood samples taken this week.


fredag, augusti 26, 2016

Army Caps...

Just bought 2 army caps with rivets on them.
I hardly have any hair on my head at the moment,
and really needs to protect my sensitive skin
from the burning sun...and I really liked
the look of these;


tisdag, augusti 02, 2016

Latest ebay-finds!

I bought a hand fan today on ebay,
but I don´t know what pattern
or color I will actually get...but that´s OK.


I have bought 2 types of
"backflow" incense holders.
Very excited about these..!


And 50 incense cones for the holders.

Finally a
Goddess ISIS


måndag, juli 11, 2016

Crazy Factory Shopping!

Crazy Factory has
 a sale going on,
and I also had several 
Crazy Cash Points
to shop for..!

This is what I am getting:

Remember to 
buy TWO
if you are 
buying this 
sort of earrings,
they do NOT
come in pairs...

Looks like Merlin to me..!

OM/AUM sign...


Thor´s Hammer...


Also bought these 2
septum hangers 
in rose gold,
even though I
so far have nothing
else in rose gold...
but they were
really cheap..!

And this design is
something I don´t 
have yet...have no
idea how it will
look on me...

Today I shaved
my hair off again..!
It´s now only 
3mm long/short...
and I love it!


I will try to make 
yarn dreads and 
put them on these
headbands that I
bought on ebay:

15pcs Womens Girls Sports Hair sweat Head Band Cotton Stretch Hairband | eBay:

I bought a shoulder bag
a while ago, also on ebay:

CX0268B.jpg (600×600):


I won a beautiful necklace!

(go check out her blog)
had a giveaway
a while ago,
and I was one
of the lucky

I love the necklace I won,
very bohemian & pretty!

Came in a lovely
organza bag with
card & tag too..!

Lots of animal pendants!

Thank you
SO much!!!


söndag, juni 26, 2016

Kitsch shopping!

A Swedish shop
called Kitsch,
has loads of
awesome stuff!

Today I finally
ordered something
that I have been
wanting for ages!!!

A beautiful
Lakshmi statue.
She can be used
as a fountain as
well, but I will
not do that.
Fontän/Staty, Goddess Lakshmi - Kitsch:
SO pretty...

Cigarrlåda, Extra Special - Kitsch:
A lovely box!

Kort, Guadalupe en Rosas - Kitsch:
A Guadalupe card.

Skosnöre, Stjärna:

Hinduiska Statyer, Set Om 6 - Kitsch:
Small Hindu
SO cute!

Nyckelring, Buddha Rosa:
2 Buddha
Nyckelring, Buddha Grön:

These are my
Birthday gifts
to ME
from ME..!



Bindis & Incense!

I am getting 10 packets..!

And a pack with
incense cones.

I have used this kind
before and it smells


torsdag, juni 23, 2016

ebay shopping...

Maneki Neko
Lucky Cat
solar panel:

Decided to get one of these for myself as well,
bought one a while ago for my niece.


Also getting one more
poster from India:

Goddess Durga

I am hanging this close to
my cats feeding bowl,
and I thought a motif
with a tiger was fitting..!


Bought 4 small
as well:

Krishna &  Radha

Shiva, Brahma & Vishnu



All the posters where
bought from this
ebay store:

The Absolute
Indian Store



måndag, juni 20, 2016